Wednesday, September 30, 2009

atc's oh my

Here are my atc's for the Kawaii swap for this girl . I love Kawaii but I am not happy at all with what happened to these. I had bought some flair( buttons) off of ebay --over two weeks ago. I figured it would be enough time to add them to the atc's --but oh no the person decided to take her time to send them out. I still have not received them. any who--I made a back up plan and thank goodness i did or these bad boys would be really really late. I feel so bad. So these are what i came up with. The little Panda( quickutz) is sweet but had in mind. oh well---I am hoping Ally will have another swap that I can use my buttons on. I also made little mushrooms and flowers out of Shrinky dinks. I hope you guys will enjoy these as much as I did making them.
Here are the Halloween atc's that I made for this girl. I have to say I love anything that has to do with Halloween so this was an easy one for me. I used Stampin' Up paper, Quickutz to make the bats and moon, plastic bat ring, dymo, pen, paint and a little skelly cut from paper. I love these ---they turned out perfect.

to the girls that are in the swap I am sorry for being late but they are on their way to Cali. enjoy!! I have to say I have seen some of the atc's from the other girls and oh my I can't wait to get them in my little hands. I am drooling--:)
I am ready for more Atc's swaps. -----:)--------------------------------------gina

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

organization and a lo

My thrift items actually in use!! i did some reorganizing. what do you think? How cute is that owl? his little face is just pure cuteness.

This is for the Pink Ninja's prompt was addictions. Every morining I have my coffee and sit down to surf/stalk my fave blogs and web sites. Ok I do it all the time when I have nothing else to do. :) I see my 1.00 letter stickers from target are not sticking --need to glue them. thanks ninja's for another awesome prompt and another lo done.

I want to shout out to Ally for being late on my ATC's. I have my Halloween atc's done and in the package. For my Kawaii I was waiting on the flair to add but its been two weeks and nothing. I decided to just do something a little different so i can get them sent out. Its not what I imagined but they are looking cute. I just hope others will like them and understand. sorry--:( I hate being late on swaps.

well another post in one day -- have a great night ----gina


This is the Polaroid I am looking for ---I guess I could buy it off ebay but that takes out the thrill of the hunt at the thrift stores and flea markets. My mom had one just like it but of course gave it away or whatever way before i became a collector. I cn remember playing with it --acting like I was taking pictures--oh the memories of good times.

omg how dang cute is this little Panda purse---my dd would love it she is a big big lover of pandas and with that little cuteness of a face I can see why. I would so carry it. You can find it here
I found this little change purse on a web site that my dd is on all the time( If you love fashion you will love checking out that site. My dd has me hooked on it. You can findthe change purse here I just love the vintage phone.

I think I am in the mood for a new purse. My last purchase was an Andy Warhol of Marilyn. Which was around Christmas of last year. OMG---I can't even think of Christmas right now.

What kind of things are you wanting or you find cute? I could go on and on but its almost dinner. I still need to post my lo from the last prompt at the Pink Ninja's --but I have to run. catch you guys later---have an awesome tuesday. ------------------------gina

Friday, September 25, 2009

its friday?

our little Gizmo. He has made us all so happy! We are lucky to have found him at the shelter.

My thrift finds for the day--ok I know we go too much. My boys joined Karate Thursday so we thought we would look for uniforms at the thrift. No luck! but my dh did find a bag of belts--:) The wooden crate will be for my Quickutz( it says snickers on the frontand back but will paint it white or black). The white bowls are going to sit on my desk to hold little goodies. Love those pins --not sure what i will use them for but they are pretty.

How cute is this little guy? SO so cute couldn't pass him up. I think my dh thinks I am alittle crazy. I put this little guy on my desk and said look at the cuteness. He is for sure hand painted but thats ok ---I wouldn't dare covering up that cute face. I paid only 1.91 for him.

What is going on with you this weekend? I wish I could stay home to create but that is not going to happen. I wanted to tonight but what did I do? I was on the net--man it sucks you in. I have blogs that I stalk--I mean that. I feel like I need to find another addiction or some other hobby. These blogs that I stalk inspire me so much. Hope your weekend is filled with a lot of inspiration.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

thrifting and los--what a great tuesday

I bought two bags of vintage( some of it) sewing stuff at the thrift today. I think I walked away with more scissors ( 5 pairs) what will i need that many? But I bought the bags for the buttons ( in the bowls) not sure what the heck that blue and white thing is--I told my dh that its for his ipod touch--:) I think the brown and tan circle knitted thing is a pot holder or hot pad. I bought two bowls for the dogs to eat and drink out of and a My chemical romance tee for my dd--it was half off. This lo is for the blog Scrap outside the box--- paper clips is the challenge. I am not 100% sure about this lo but I do love the paper I used and all the hearts--the rainbow paper is from the 1.00 store--gotta love those stores for some cool finds. The paper is really meant for the computer but its called scrap outside the box for a reason right? two huge paper clips with cute little hearts that are die cuts

Sorry this pic is so dark--I have been trying to get to this before the next one was up. This is for the PINK NINJA's ---prompt was to scrap our collections. I love vinatge cameras -- I love the look of them. They had way more character way back when ---right? I love the thrill of the hunt for one at fleamarket( at the right price) and thrift stores. I would have used one of my pics but I did not get any printed--sorry! I created this lo using what I had. So I I do have pics here on my blog of my collection( well part).

Sunday, September 20, 2009

what a great weekend!

Friday after the kids came home from school the whole family went to the county dog shelter for Sydney's birthday. She has been wanting a little dog she can keep beside her and sleep with her. Well after a tearful trip( its very depressing to see them all in the cages barking) She finally made her choice. His name at the shelter was Bogey but Syd named him Gizmo. He had been at the shelter since the 13 of this month. He is a wonderful addition to the family even though I really did not want another pet. He is very lovable. Saturday was Sydney's slumber party --it went very well. They had an awesome time dancing and singing. They ended up watching movies until 5 am sunday. Oh to be young again.

waiting for her little doggie to come out to go home with us.
Walking to the car
In the car before we left the parking lot of the county dog shelter.look how happy Sydney is!

The cake I made Sydney --red velvet with this red and white frosting.

Friday, September 18, 2009

a birthday and my atc's

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY DEAR SYDNEY_____________:) love you mom

OMG!! I am in ATC heaven. I loved making the glitter atc swap but now I want more and more of these bad boys. I want to go to the thrift store to find a tin for them--i have looked at these about 5 times since I received them yesterday. I am hooked--thanks ALLY for these swaps--i can't wait for more!

I have to get this house cleaned because Saturday there will be 8 teenage girls here--my dd wants an 80's themed party so we have the 80's music, 80's movies and they will play the 80's sing star I also bought safety pin and beads to make friendship pins( totally 80's). We are going today to pick up jelly bracelets to give to the girls--MADONNA--:) Oh its going to be the 80's all over again. I have a huge collection of cds so they will not run out of music but I might go a little crazy with 8 teenage girls. fun fun fun times! I wish I could sit down and create but there's no time. Have an awesome Friday-----------------gina

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

atc, necklace, shrinky dinks and funny pics

very simple atc its for a friend we are swapping one of eachother
my new necklace from a garage sale from the weekend--not the star i added it. the lady that makes the beaded necklaces is ill but this keeps her busy while she is home from work.
i used my qk with some shrinky dink plastic to make my embellies--man i remember my first pack of sd back in the 80's but i did forget how fun they were.
Yesterday I took this picture of me fooling around making faces ---thought it would give people a laugh or maybe a smile --which we all need to do more often. have an awesome day---gina---:)

Monday, September 14, 2009

wow its Monday--pics and los

Just wanted to show my hair yesterday---I need to retouch the color --its really coming out. I dyed it purple at one time but the color wouldn't stay in long so I redid it red.
My dd ---She cracks me up--her sunglasses broke so she went around wearing them the way they were--silly but she looks so cute.

this lo is actually my second for this challenge over at the PINK NINJA'S--bff's---I had to do one of my dh. One time he had some sparkles on his face so that is when I called him my knight in shimmering armor--that's the story behind the title. I really love h0w this turned out--not every time do i love a lo. Do you ever feel that you make your self scrap pictures you really don't love but love the moment they were taken so you want to keep the memory. I made it my goal to stop wanting to make every lo perfect--they are mine--:) if you want to see my 1st lo of bff scroll down to firday's post.
Here is my challenge for the random challenge over at the Pink ninja's--they hit over a 100 followers---how awesome is that? so so cool and they do rock--i can see why they have so many followers. for this challenge I used 102( the amount of followers they actually have) of my faves. I am sure I left out some. Go check out their awesome blog!!

Friday, September 11, 2009

yahooooo its Friday

Here is my lo I did for the Pink Ninja's challenge--bff's. I did a lo of my online friend Jami. We found each other on a message board 2 years ago. We finally got to meet in real life and actually scrap without the computer. We hit all the scrappy stores and bought tons of stuff to divide up. I plan to also scrap one of my dh since we do everything together. the pictures is sitting on my desk --i need inspiration.

SInce its the weekend --any plans? My dh is going up to take of his grandmother. His parents are going away for a while so there's no one else to take care of her( well should I say no one willing to). Ok enough on that. So i will be here wiht my dd watching movies , playing rock band,
sing star( the 80's), I'm scrapping and taking it easy no house work allowed. My dh plans on taking the boys to go fihsing out at his sisters house.

I need to start on my Kawaii Atc's ---I have no ideas but I am sure it will come to me. Need to surf the web to get ideas--Like that will be hard.
have a great Friday----Gina

Wednesday, September 9, 2009


It's my dh bday--yep his bday lands on this awesome date. I wont say how many years ago though. Our dd will be making him a cheese cake when she gets home from school.
Happy Birthday ---- :)

The Pink Ninja's have their new challenge up---bff! I know I want to start this one as soon as possible.

Yesterday we went to the thirft stores. I found a Gwen tee for .99 cents!!! I am so happy --i never even look at olive green shirts but for some reason I did--and there it was waiting on me!
I also bought a black shirt with a shiny purple barbie head on it for .99 cents. I almost picked up another Polaroid camera but its not the one I am looking for --now I kick myself for not buying it. My mom had one like it when I was younger but it was white. This one was gray--not so cute. My mom is giving me her 3d cameras --I can't wait. I wish I could find out where they still develope the film for those.

Well I am off to clean and the maybe sit down to create something. ----gina :)

Monday, September 7, 2009

hey out there

I finally get to post my los from the weekend. I worked on this at my lss ( which will be my last time there to scrap ---they are closing--sad sad times) I did finish this up at home added paint and the stars. this is for the challenge over at Pink ninja's---secrets. We all have them--don't we? Well some of my on line friends have no clue but I finally joined with my dh.
This is for my challenge---I had my dd draw some robots , splatter paint with glitter added in, tissue paper mat and the huge brads are metal. --what do you think?
here is a pic of my pizza box. I have so many los that are bulky to put in a book so this is what i came up with. I used tissue paper all over the box and then just added what embellies to make it look cute. I have another box but I have never finished it---lol

When we were heading up to our home town I thought of another secret lo--I can't wait to get started on it but its late. I have the boys to get in from outside and take showers.

You know how I am so addicited to these ATC's---( I mean really addicited). I have my halloween ones for Ally's swap almost done( I just hope there will be 12 in the swap). I showed them off at the lss ---I had nothing but love from them. I had a few people that never had heard of them---do they live under a rock? or am I just on the net too much?

Well until the next time----check out some great blogs and get some awesom inspiration.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

do you want to play

I was thinking of a new challenge I can give out to my friends and this is what I came up with.

Tissue paper
glitter of some kind
splatter paint
some kind of metal

I hope you play along ---please---:)

Well I have a new hobby---ATC's!! they rock and I am in love. yes! i love them. I never thought I would but I do. I sent out my first one to Ally the theme was glitter. Believe me my atc's have been decked out---i can't wait to see the other atc's they all have done. Ally has two more in the works Halloween and Kawaii---well i had to jump on both because I love Halloween and Kawaii. DUH!! I just hope the due date is not soon. Today I picked up some cool little bats for my Halloween atc's. I can't wait to get started. I just need to know how many and when the due date will be.

The new challenge is up at the Pink Ninja's ---secrets! Now this one has me thinking. They are also having a dt call. I know I know --but this blog is really different from others. They are cool chicks over there ---not snobs! Its a fun inspiration blog!

well i am off to find more inspiration --gina