Friday, December 31, 2010

Dear bloggers

When I am down and feeling a little blah I DYE my hair. BLUE !!!!!

Rest in peace Margret we love you!!! (Dave's grandmother passed last week.)

I really feel like I live under a rock with my blog world of friends. Man, do I feel out of it and I am so sad to see how most of you can keep up with blogging while i am in this rut of non blogging. I remember there was a time where I would text Lindsay almost every day. My dear panda loving friend how I miss you. How about Carrie? We share the same love ---thrifts and Hello kitty! I miss you too. Miss my 80's loving and 80's blogging fool ( mean that in a loving way :) ) Kristie I miss you tons too. I miss reading Courtney's blog. How I could use a few make-up tips right about now. I miss reading Jamie's family fun( she has some pretty cool times with her family and I love that). Miss reading a lot of my scrapbooking blogs too. Okay, I miss scrapbooking :( makes me sad I do not get to scrap like i use to.

My blogging has slowed down since my job but I keep thinking I need to blog. The blogging makes feel good. Believe you me, my last post was so freeing. I felt so good knowing I could share and I thank everyone that sent me well wishes. THANK YOU!!!!! I was so nervous. Thank you for making feel 99% better. I will not be 110% until the day I get to put my arms around Hayley.

remember to smile gina