Saturday, October 31, 2009


my dd as Charlie Chaplin--:)
the boys are all about the scary--blood!
and more blood! Have an awesome Halloween! gina

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

pink ninja's prompt---skin marks

Keeping up with my challenge to myself and with the prompt over at the PINK NINJA'S. I went for simple---and I likey!!! love the wings( QK) and the banner( QK) and lets not forget the polaroid--no its not real I faked it with another QK die----thanks to Jami she bought it for my bday!!!----:)

This tattoo is from this summer. I had the tattoo artist copy a design from my Ed Hardy tee tag. I have to say I am loving the old skool tats way more---I wouldn't mind even having a pin up one of these days---:) I am totally adicited to all the tattoo shows. Wish they would have kept tattoo highway on it was one of my faves---:( Do you have any tattoos or any skin marks( scars)? have a great night------gina

Monday, October 26, 2009

all about Quickutz !!!!!

I challenged myself to use PP, CS and my Quickutz on 10 layouts. I figured I have done a lot of layouts with a lot of goodies on them for some time. I invested in QK for one reason tired of running out of vowels and other letters that we use a lot when you buy sticker letters, chipboard and thickers. Plus I think they have some cute dies--: ) My dh has been laid off since July so without going out and buying all the new goodies that I see on other scrappers pages ---I challenged myself. I think at times people forget what they have in their stash. I know I have! I have challenged myself twice in these 4 months. I used only what I have---except for adhesive. and now this challenge only using qk. What do you think? could you do it? I know I have read on other blogs where they challenge themselves to not shop for scrappy stuff for a month or a week ---whatever the case maybBUT could you do it for 4 months or a year? Sometimes you have to think outside the box---visit blogs( sketch blogs, creative blogs , challenge, inspirational) that inspire you and bingo you got a page that was not new but waiting in your stash to be loved.---------------have a great night---:) I hope you were inspired i know a lot of the blogs I follow and my friends inspire me every day....gina

childs art, pumpkins, a thrift find and my girl

Oh to be a kid again so I could just draw. My little Samuel drew this ---picture is of us. too bad his teacher put her smiley on the front ---bad bad teacher. My Wyatt goofing around with the guts...cuteness--:)
Samuel being totally silly with his pumpkin guts. I love this face!
My latest find at the thrift store---not sure I like the speckles on his eyes but I love the goldness and the shiny body he has. Pure 70's!!! cute cute cute---:)

My girl coming off the bus from her Washington D.C trip. We picked her up at her school Saturday night---I was so so happy to see her.

What went on in your weekend? Mine as you can see was filled with fall goodness and a little trip to the thrift store. I love being able to go there you never know what you might find. Went there to really find a suit for my dd. She wants to be Charlie Chaplin for Halloween. I found a pair of dress pants for .99 cents ( and they were marked 50% off that) score!!! and then her dress jacket was 1.99 !!! my aunt collects vintage hats so she is allowing us to borrow a derby hat and cane for the costume. I can't wait for her to be all dressed up. This will be my all time favorite costume for sure.

Friday my little brought home the cutest picture that he drew of us. I had to share---:) have an awesome bright filled day of autumn -----gina

Sunday, October 25, 2009

she is back!!!

pic from the fair this summer
Old mans cave this summer
pic from the hike we went on a few weekends ago.

My dd is back from her 8th grade trip to Washington D.C. I am so happy to have her back home. I missed her so much.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

I will miss this girl

My dd will be gone for 4 days!!! Her and her class are on their way to Washington DC. I hope she has an awesome time and a safe trip. I will miss her so much---: (

These pics are from a couple weekends ago. Remember her broken sunglasses well she turned them into nerd glasses. To have fun we had a little photo shoot.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

creative weekend take two

this is from the sketch site twistedsketches---the twist was to use ink. i used ink on the reindeer paper--- i think it turned out pretty cool.

this is for a sketch site I found through this girly Emily ---- they had you use some material on your lo--ribbon did not count. I used some material that my dh great aunt gave me before she passed. I used it under the photos and for the wreath.

This lo is for the prompt over at the PINK NINJA'S
the prompt is what cartoon would you be. My toss up was of Hello Kitty and the original Strawberry Short cake--but I do not have one picture of her or no ink in the printer---:( I have lounge pants with SS , my dolls, a tin and my lap top tray.

I have had two weekends in a row with a lot of scrapping. What kind of weekend did you have? i can say it has helped me get through these rough days, weeks and months.

Monday, October 12, 2009

what a great weekend

what a super duper weekend we enjoyed the weather and I did some scrapping. We went to a metro park saturday and just hit the trails. We got to see three little snakes---which the boys loved. Two praying mantis --my camera died so i did not get a pic of those. beautiful colors!! loved the trees in all their glory. ohio at its best in the autumn!! what can get any better. mayeb some boys that don't need to do the rock on symbol when you take their pic every time---:)

A friend of mine Patti ( lives in Florida) shared a blog with me and its a good one for a good cause. Scrapfit
if you do a lo and post it she will donate 1.00 for cancer research. the challeng is to do a fall or halloween lo with a pictures you did in mosaic. here's my take---not too happy about it but hey i did use up some old stuff and some older pics from my pile and its for a great cause!!! go there and please check this out! ----:)

twisted sketches used their sketch plus the twist --use ribbon any type or anyway. I did not put a title because i think it speaks for it self. look how cute my dd is!

this lo I did with my friend Jami ( online) she lives in Indiana and I'm in ohio--:(
I added the skunk because Wyatt's gerbils name is Stinky--pluse i needed something besides thickers and paper. its simple--:)

I used the sketch over at Pink Sketches
It came out cute but not really how I wanted it. I guess all layouts don't need to be perfect right? do love how i used the cloud and the snowflakes instead of words.

Another prompt was up at the pinkninja's
what kind of ninja are you---well i am a ninja follower duh!!!--i love that place and i am so happy I found them. how cute is that little japanese girl? she is from the 1.00 section at target. i actually cut her out of the paper ( a note pad for shopping list). I had to have her.

This is for the challenge over at CSD. I really love how this turned out.---since its breast cancer awareness month I did a lo with pics from the race in 2008--i have some from this yr but I really liked this picture. not too many times do i get to be in front of the camera .

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

My pink Ninja's layout

This lo is inspired by the pink ninja's . I was not going to do this prompt because I did not have a picture. I could not stop thinking about it though. So in the refrig I went to tear off the stickers from the bottles of my smirnoff. I had saved a bottle cap from awhile ago ( if you know me i save almost everything). I actually did this about an hour ago---what do you think? love love the paper and skull ribbon slide is from my shoes ( they were old and nasty so in the trash they went but i saved the skull!!!). My vintage material from my dh great aunt Maryalice( she had given me a bag of scraps of material before she passed away). Of course my oranges net bag that i glued sparkles to---love love the layers and all the goodness. thanks pink ninja's for another awesome prompt and another lo to add to my album.

creative weekend--YES!!!

This picture was from two years ago---omg how time flies. I love this lo too---i think its all the layers.

i love this picture of Samuel ---I think this lo turned out to be so cute. :)

Just a lo of my dd Panda collection!!

Ok this lo was inspired by a challenge on CSD but I was really inspired by this girly. So i checked out the CSD site and read what i needed to do for the challenge. I really have been inspired by all of these challenge blogs can you tell?

This is my mom on the phone( she loves to talk on the phone) This picture was taken in 91 notice the phone? how funny seems like yesterday we still had those.

This is one of my favorite lo I did this weekend. I decided to go back to 81/2 x11 to switch things up. I started scrapping way back in 97 in that size but in 2001 switched over to 12x12 because i did alot of two pagers ---but time went by and now more two pagers . Noticed my style had changed to one pic or maybe a few on one page. this is my sweet Samuel sleeping on the floor ---well thats how he fell asleep--:)

This weekend was a huge creative weekend--which is a shock since I have not bought anything new in 3 months. OMG i know what you are thinking but with Dave laid off and the kids needing this and that not to mention the bills. I have to say I did some cute lo with using what I had. I think it helps seeing all these blogs which keeps me inspired and helps me think a little outside the box. Did any of you creative this weekend? Oh I almost forgot to mention this BLICK is having this awesome ATC making event for the troops( thanks so much Patti for letting me know about this)--I know I have already started mine. You send them the atc's and they will send them over seas and to the Walter Reed Hosptial for our troops--you might want to read about it. Its the least I can do for the troops. If you are like me LOVE your atc's you might want to be part of it. I even have my dd wanting to do them.---:) Happy creating !!! -------gina

Thursday, October 1, 2009


I need to remind myself just because times are hard right now I still need to smile for my kids so they don't have to worry.