Tuesday, October 6, 2009

creative weekend--YES!!!

This picture was from two years ago---omg how time flies. I love this lo too---i think its all the layers.

i love this picture of Samuel ---I think this lo turned out to be so cute. :)

Just a lo of my dd Panda collection!!

Ok this lo was inspired by a challenge on CSD but I was really inspired by this girly. So i checked out the CSD site and read what i needed to do for the challenge. I really have been inspired by all of these challenge blogs can you tell?

This is my mom on the phone( she loves to talk on the phone) This picture was taken in 91 notice the phone? how funny seems like yesterday we still had those.

This is one of my favorite lo I did this weekend. I decided to go back to 81/2 x11 to switch things up. I started scrapping way back in 97 in that size but in 2001 switched over to 12x12 because i did alot of two pagers ---but time went by and now more two pagers . Noticed my style had changed to one pic or maybe a few on one page. this is my sweet Samuel sleeping on the floor ---well thats how he fell asleep--:)

This weekend was a huge creative weekend--which is a shock since I have not bought anything new in 3 months. OMG i know what you are thinking but with Dave laid off and the kids needing this and that not to mention the bills. I have to say I did some cute lo with using what I had. I think it helps seeing all these blogs which keeps me inspired and helps me think a little outside the box. Did any of you creative this weekend? Oh I almost forgot to mention this BLICK is having this awesome ATC making event for the troops( thanks so much Patti for letting me know about this)--I know I have already started mine. You send them the atc's and they will send them over seas and to the Walter Reed Hosptial for our troops--you might want to read about it. Its the least I can do for the troops. If you are like me LOVE your atc's you might want to be part of it. I even have my dd wanting to do them.---:) Happy creating !!! -------gina


  1. Great LOs. I love them all. I even have that pp with the stars. :-)

  2. You rocked the los. Love that zebra pp. Why do I not have it? ROFL That panda pp is super cute! Miss ya!!!

  3. Look at all of these fun layouts! Seriously! Great job!!!!

    <3 B