Thursday, January 20, 2011

what is new?

It is snowing here! Not that I love snow but it does look better now that the dead grass is covered. I think winter is very depressing. With dead grass and the naked trees -hate it!!!

If this is not a feel good story I am not what is. Have you heard about this young lady finally finding out she was kidnapped 23 years ago from the hospital? I guess she had a gut feeling the lady that raised her just did not feel right. After doing a search she found a pic of her as baby on the missing persons page. After a DNA test she is that baby that was taken from the hospital. She was reunited with her mom and dad after 23 years. Is this a feel good story or what? I just love hearing stories like this. We need more of these on the news, don't you agree?

My new fave show!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

THE TALK~~!!!!! ( this picture is not up to date because the blond is not on the show). Who is she? I am not even sure. I love the girls on this talk show. Have any of you watched it?

I have layouts I wanted to share but my batteries are dead in my camera. I will share them soon. off to shovel snow--yuck!!

thanks for all that have visited my blog.
remember to keep smiling ---=D xoxo gina