Wednesday, July 28, 2010

my new hair

I was a little carried away with taking fun pictures.

My niece normally cuts my hair but this time I could not wait to get it cut. My hair was long and had no style to it. I now know why I love having Bryanna cut my hair. Have you ever gone to the salon and you ask for a certain cut but they keep hacking at it? Well, that is what happened. I asked for a certain style I had before my hair grew out but I wanted it cut by a razor( gives more texture). I showed her and she showed me where my hair would be. After it was cut my hair was way too short but I know it will grow out fast. My hair has some curl to it so, this is how it looks without using the flat iron.

remember to smile---xoxo gina

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

blog hop

You may know that I have a small addiction to the Pink Ninjas kits but did you know they are having a blog hop? You should check it out here . If you follow and do everything they ask you could even when a prize!

xoxo gina

Monday, July 26, 2010

birthday drawing, Gizmo, recycled tees and nail polish!

My dd drew this for me and it was on the counter when I go home on Wednesday morning. I forgot to take a pic of it and post it on my birthday post.

On my birthday post I did not have any pictures of Gizmo and Becky noticed. Here you go Becky--:D I had fun taking cute picture of Gizzy.

My dd and I made two tee bags made from old tees she had. They turned out super cute and its a no sew project--:D You can not beat that!! What you will need is an old tee( maybe hit up the thrift ) shoe string, and scissors. Take the tee turn it in side out and tie the bottom shut with the shoe string. Turn it back right. cute the sleeves off and the neckline off. I used the band from the neck to tie around the straps to give it a little cuteness. Carrie had something like this on her blog so, i had to make one. she sewed the bottom of the tee. I will have to sew one when I have the time.

Back in 1997-98 I bought the P.M.S nail polish and I loved loved it. It is a mood nail polish but it is dried out. A while ago over at the Dainty Squid she talked about buying mood nail polish at Claires. With no luck I could not find any at the mall but a few days ago I went to the store next to where I work. Look what I found!! Yes, mood struck and I had to have it if even if it was 3.99. I am in love and I need more.
goes from a light green to dark.

I had my hair cut on Saturday. I promise I will post pics tomorrow.
Tonight I am off to enjoy my day off!! xoxo gina

Thursday, July 22, 2010

one of the BEST birthdays EVER!!!!

My dh knows the way to my heart---CHOCLATE baby!!! I laid down around 130 yesterday ( mind you I had been up since 6 p.m the day before). Around 6 the bedroom door opened( scared the crap out of me) here came Dave and the kids singing Happy Birthday (while Dave held the birthday cake with one candle). I was so surprised!
I told Dave I wanted a small camera to put in my bag or in my pocket( its perfect for my trip to Chicago! ) that is what he bought me. I am also ordering some goodies off my etsy list--:) Thank you Carrie for the camera birthday card. The card is perfect! love you--:D I also want to thank my family for one of best birthdays EVER!! I love you!!
Look what I received on my bday ----Yes, that is a Lindsay original and yes, I love her so much. The cutest plushie EVER!!
Simba needed a friend ( he told me so--heehee)

Starbucks was also on my list for the day---PERFECT!! vanilla bean frap with a shot espresso .
Could not go to Target without a stop in the 1.00 section. I found the best sticker letters WOODGRAIN!!! They are not all woodgrain but I had to have them. I also bought the teal/Zebra print ones for a layout that I am working on.

I want to thank all my blog/twitter peeps for the Birthday wishes--you guys rock!! love ya guys! <3 <3 <3

xoxo gina

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

what's new?

Over at the Pink Ninjas they are having a swap of sorts. They are celebrating this cuties birthday. To celebrate her birthday they want the Pink Ninja fans to scrap pictures of Ally. I picked a couple from her blog and one from the list they emailed out. I can not wait to get the pics from Walgreens today. While at Hobby Lobby I picked out some pretty hot paper just for this. All I can say is PINK and leopard print----:D also some teal---YUMMY colors--:D

Oh my gosh yesterday I was changing the tv channel because i hate to wait through stupid commercials. I turned it over to Good Morning America( i am a today show freak) and this young violinist( david garrett) was on. He was rocking out to Smells Like Teen Spirit. Oh my goodness he rocked it and he was amazing. I am in aww of people that can play the violin but this guy was interesting to watch ( okay he is not bad on the eyes--:D ) I could tell he really enjoys what he does. David is not one of those that sits and moves his head. You should check him out.

Have you found any new music that you would have never thought to listen to? Are you creating anything new? Leave a comment on what's new with you.
remember to smile xoxo gina

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Pandas and layouts oh my

I have been working on this project for Miss Lindsay
for several months. I am now happy to say I am finished( except for extra pages I want to make). I was so nervous making the binder but I have to say it turned out a lot better than I thought it would. My first attempt turned out to be a complete failure and melted the plastic--eeks!! I admit it I think my nervousness made me want to put it off all together. I think that was the failure was meant to be because I came up with this idea with bamboo. When you think of Pandas what comes in mind? I think of bamboo and leaves--well except for their cuteness.

I am sorry for the bad photos but I did not want to take the layouts out of their sleeves.

Off to get ready for work--:D Remember to smile--xoxo gina

Saturday, July 17, 2010

list of birthday wishes--:D

I have bought a lot of these kits from The pink ninjas and I would not mind having this new one. found here
I have a thing about this flappers and what could be more perfect but stationery? Nothing!! found here
love this shirt--:D found here
love this shirt--found here

I can't believe this necklace is 92.00 but it is so cute--found here
found here----- I wan this like badly--is she cute or what?

I took this idea from a few peeps that also has made a birthday wish list. Yes, that is how I roll when I can not think of a post. My birthday is on July 21 maybe a certain someone will read this--:D

Have a great Saturday i am about to head to work --:D xoxo gina

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

layout, film and stickers

I would like to tell you about the journaling class the sweet Janel is holding. You can see more details here . She is the one that had the 30 day art journal challenge with only ink and paper ---it was totally cool and I so wish I had the time to do this class. The class costs 10.00 but its for a great cause. Her and her dh want to adopt from over seas and we all know how much that is going to cost them. LOTS!! Seems not fair! Since I can not seem to find the time to do the class ( I am 4 pages behind on the last challenge) I am still going to send her 10.00 in the baby bottle fund. I thought it is the least I could do to make their dream come true and to make a baby girl finally have a family they deserve. Please check her blog out. Plus a friend of mine is having a great giveaway over at her blog------a spot in the journaling class!!! Yes, you read that right. How sweet is she? So thoughtful and so sweet! You can check out this sweet girl here . Run over to their blogs I dare you and you wont be disappointed.
also run over at Scrap Outside the box to see our new challenge. The new challenge is to use wrapping paper--:D I used a lot a sheet cut to 81/2 x 11 ( the background paper is wrapping paper ) I also used some of my pink ninjas goodies from their kits. I hope to see you there!
Received this last week--50 pictures for 41.00 yes! plus FREE shipping. I think that is a good price. The other box I already have in my camera.
more stickers from my collection. ( sorry if some of these are from the sticker post before. I could not remember which ones I had posted). R.I.P Michael!

well I am off to scrap and make a few cards--:D

love all of my followers and remember to keep smiling x0x0 gina

Monday, July 12, 2010

Chicago bound in Aug!!!

Want to find this and take a pic for my blog friend and lover of Abe! Jamie!!
finally get to go to one of her stores!!! awesome-- :D I am hoping for a great clearance or just something I can afford--fingers crossed!

It will be just the girls heading out on the 6th of Aug. My daughter(14), her friend(14) and my niece (25) ( of course I am going). I can not wait!! I have never been to Chicago. We are going to see the concert Lollapalooza on Friday and then on Saturday shop until we drop!!
We booked our hotel and payed for the tickets! I can't wait( can you tell?) !!!! I am super excited!!

I have been a bad bad blogger and have the thought to blog but when it comes to it , just not feeling it. :( my job has drained me from just about everything. I finally mailed off my atc swap--sorry girls for being a slacker! I am still working on a project for miss Lindsay ( I have more layouts finished and doing the binder ( making sure I don't melt this one--:) ) Did all the layouts I needed to but still making more just because its fun. Plus she is the cutest!!

I finally bought a new phone yesterday! If you don't have twitter or I did not email you please text me! I was without a phone since last Monday night and it killed me. Another thing I lost every single contact( okay the phone was 6 years old). I am now out of the stone age and have a phone that take pretty good photos and has the net!! Yahoooo thank goodness for technology. Without it I wouldn't have met the great bloggers in this world and some have become great friends.

xoxo gina