Wednesday, July 14, 2010

layout, film and stickers

I would like to tell you about the journaling class the sweet Janel is holding. You can see more details here . She is the one that had the 30 day art journal challenge with only ink and paper ---it was totally cool and I so wish I had the time to do this class. The class costs 10.00 but its for a great cause. Her and her dh want to adopt from over seas and we all know how much that is going to cost them. LOTS!! Seems not fair! Since I can not seem to find the time to do the class ( I am 4 pages behind on the last challenge) I am still going to send her 10.00 in the baby bottle fund. I thought it is the least I could do to make their dream come true and to make a baby girl finally have a family they deserve. Please check her blog out. Plus a friend of mine is having a great giveaway over at her blog------a spot in the journaling class!!! Yes, you read that right. How sweet is she? So thoughtful and so sweet! You can check out this sweet girl here . Run over to their blogs I dare you and you wont be disappointed.
also run over at Scrap Outside the box to see our new challenge. The new challenge is to use wrapping paper--:D I used a lot a sheet cut to 81/2 x 11 ( the background paper is wrapping paper ) I also used some of my pink ninjas goodies from their kits. I hope to see you there!
Received this last week--50 pictures for 41.00 yes! plus FREE shipping. I think that is a good price. The other box I already have in my camera.
more stickers from my collection. ( sorry if some of these are from the sticker post before. I could not remember which ones I had posted). R.I.P Michael!

well I am off to scrap and make a few cards--:D

love all of my followers and remember to keep smiling x0x0 gina


  1. you are too sweet!!! you seriously have a heart of gold my sweet Gina!! I love your cute layous and stickers. Im hoping to get an instax for my bday!!!! with lots of film!! haha!! love love love you!!!

  2. What! I love wrapping paper! I have like 30 rolls of it! :) Smiles!!


  3. Those stickers are so freaking awesome! Love you!!!

  4. Wow! that wrapping paper looks so retro. I got all the atc's today...I love them all. thanks :)& your trip sounds amazing...have fun.

  5. I love your stickers how cool! I just want to thank you for being such a great friend!

    love you!