Monday, August 31, 2009

lo from scrapping with Jami

This lo is for the challenge that is up right now at the Pink Ninja's. __CONCERTS!!! I told you I saved everything from concerts---I guess its a good thing since no cameras were allowed in at that time. I am not sure if this lo is what i really wanted but I did want everything that I saved on it. For my stuff I do 8x8 so its hard to fit things like this.

This lo is for the blog challenge -----I found it through one of the Pink Ninja's. I wanted to scrap but had a hard time coming up with anything so I decided to try this challenge out. I got to say I love the challenge and love the lo. These are the shoes my dd and I found at Journey's for 19.99 for the high tops and 9.99 for the other pair. I am so jealous I would love me a pair of these killer shoes.

I did start another page but its not finished.
What have you been creating or thinking of ? Need a little push--check these challenges out or wait for wednesdasy when the pink ninja's will have another rad challenge up. Hey why not do both. --------------------gina--:)

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Sunday Sunday

What is up on this not so warm Sunday? My dh took Samuel fishing , Wyatt is playing a Tony Hawk game on the ps and Sydney is in her room listening to music. I am sitting here waiting on Jami to get online to scrap. I have Erasure on my radio( the cd pop 20 hits). I finished my lo for the Pink Ninja's ---concerts !!!! I have so many tickets but no photos---no camera were allowed at that time---boo hoo! I did save a lot of things from the concerts though--so no biggie.

take care---gina--:)

Friday, August 28, 2009

dusted cameras AND BACK TO SCHOOL

Today was Sam's first day of first grade. So so cute!!!---love this little boy
I found this ( well my dd pointed to it) at a fleamarket for 1.00 for two of the same camera. I have been wanting one like this for a long time. I am so happy we stopped at the fleamarket Sunday.
I dusted my other vintage cameras off and rearranged them--how do they look? i love them!!!
I still have one more shelf to redo. I will show later. LATER----GINA-----:)

Thursday, August 27, 2009

two days in a row

just a lo--
another one

inspired by the Pink Ninja's--Old school---1986--gotta love the 80's

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

hump day almost over

Today was my kids first day in school except for Samuel but he goes starting Friday.
Here are a couple pics of Wyatt's and Sydney's 1st day.

I can't believe how the days fly by and how fast my kids are growing up ( way too fast). I wish they still were little.

I wanted to post a few pics from the trip we made to Old Man's Cave on Sunday. We had a good trip but boy am I out of shape. We had to climb stairs to get back out and it felt like there were 2000 or more steps.

I still need to post my lo for the challenge on Pink Ninja's ---old school. SLACKER that I am. I never got on the computer until tonight so I am very very excited for the new challenge at the Pink Ninja's. If you have some concert tickets or pics you should check out there blog. Back in the day no camera were not allowed oh how i wish I could go back in time and have pics of the concerts I went to. see ya tomorrow when I post my los--------Gina ------:)

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Sunday, Sunday

we are going to Old Man's Cave today. I hope there's water at the falls this time. Two years ago when we went it was dry as a bone. I want the kids to have a good time and we share a family moment. I still have pics from the last trip to scrap but plan to take lots more. ( me never).

Sitting here drinking my coffee and watching Moving Up on tlc. I have to get the kids up and dressed.
I have done 7 los since Friday night. I will be posting some of them. One is for the old school challenge over at Pink Ninja's--go check it out. The girls over there did an awesome job. You never know you might be inspired.

Have a great Sunday!!!!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

more inspiration from blogs

This lo is inspired by Scrap outside the box. The challenge was to use a book page( notebook or reading book). I used a page out of a book my kids have out grown. It was in the donate pile I guess it will not be going back into the pile. Pictures of my littlest son.

This is a challenge I gave my friends using the words what the ---- in the title. This picture was taken at the Race for the cure ( 09). Yes, its a pink dog. Sorry the dog is not looking at the camera but I was in a race.

This lo is inspired by the oh so AWESOME blog The Pink Ninja's. They have done the chicks now this time around is DUDES!!! I am not totally 100% sure of my hand made letters in the title but they are growing me. My boys at the land of the giant corn.

Need a little push--get over to these blogs and get your creations on!!! Gina

Monday, August 17, 2009

pics from the music

festival and car show. We went up north for a weekend for ourselves. Had a good time but boy was it a hot out. Long trip on the bike( motorcycle) too about 240 miles ---all i can say is my back end is still numb. :)

This car was one of my faves. The car looked yellow but one way it looked blue. FANCY!!!

Mike Lenz one man blues player. Loved his music and his facial expressions. A car i thought was right up Jami's alley its orange and a hot rod!!! Love it what about you?
This is a picture of the lead singer of High Energy---his bother (11) played drums the lead singer and guitar player is 13. I have to say they kicked butt!!! They really know how to rock and they will go far for sure. They played songs from AC/DC to Tom Petty


Friday, August 14, 2009

poker run

for tomorrow. I guess we will be taking pics for a Poker run that my dh has on his web site. I am not sure what this one is for --not sure if I even asked. :)

I have been buying the Limited edition M&M's today I found the Peanut Butter and Strawberry ones--they were ok. About a week ago I found the Coconut flavor those are my fave. Do you guys remember or ever had the mint M&M's ? The first time I had those I lived in Pittsburgh ( about 92 or 93) I have only had them once since that time. You know you have to have chocolate while scrapping or when you are creating. I would love to get a hold of some of the mint M&M's. Its just like those Hershey mini around Christmas time --I heart the mint bag ---they have a white chocolateone with Christmas colored sprinkles mixed in---its to die for-- yummo!!!! :)

Well until Sunday----gina

Jami---hey I will get on Sunday to see if you are on to scrap...not sure what time though.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

our new family member

He's name is Stinky. My mil and fil bought him for the boys awhile back but we thought with two cats it was not a great idea to bring him home. Well Wyatt decided he really wanted to bring him home so here he is.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

what i came up with

Jami's challenge

Patti's challenge
my lo for the Pink Ninja's

We challenged each other yet again. Jami's was to use felt, notebook paper and the color green somewhere on the lo. Patti's was to use the sketch 32 off of 52 Sketches and then use cs for the base and cut out an irregular shape from paper. Mine---use What the ---- can fill in the blink or just use it as is for title.

For Jami's I picked a picture of my dd and her cousin Bryanna. I also used one of my fave pp from Michael's. I used some of my felt flowers, chipboard flower, Prima owl pebble, thickers, graph pp( i love this stuff) and used paint.

For Patti's I used --pink cs( from the Elsie pack), pink Bazzill, buttons, cut out a ribbon and journaling squares, used my orange bag that I glued sparkles to, thickers and a ribbon sticker from the race.

My last lo is for the Pink Ninja's challenge--Star Wars or Star trek? I picked Star Wars. I love the colors I used and the pp.

What's up ?

What is on your list of to do today?

I need to post my lo from the last batch of challenges we gave each other. I also need to do the latest Pink Ninja's challenge---DUDES!! I think I will be really getting into this one since I have three dudes in my little family. I still need to send them a link for my Star Wars lo. I love doing their challenges!

I was told about the Basic Grey Challenges ( I am not one of those that love BG but I do love challenges.

Later today I will post some pics of my los and a pic of our new family member. Off to create and do some house work. Gina

Tuesday, August 11, 2009


What inspires you to create? I love looking at others lo, cd covers,record covers or art. I love blogs that inspire( not just scrappy ones) or challenge me. I have been on a blog binge. I eat sleep and dream of blogs. I love reading about other peoples adventures and love to see what they have created. I can't seem to get enough. I love love blogs.. what can I say. It all started when I found a few cool ones and now I am on a hunt to find more. If you have some cool blogs that you have found or maybe its your own please leave me a link. I am always in a hunt for new ones. :)

Please check out Pink Sketches and So sketchy for some inspiration --they have some pretty cool sketches up right now. I know sometimes I need a jump start so I might start off with a sketch. Sketches were never even in my life until Jami told me about them a little over 2 years ago.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

back from my trip

just a lo I did. Pictures of Wyatt at the county fair two years ago.
just a lo I did with Wyatt and his little frog and yes he named him Mash Potatoes have no clue why. I think its pretty cute though.
this is for my challenge using glitter or sparkle somewhere on your lo. Picture of my little Wyatt at the skate park.
Jami's challenge using three ribbons and the color purple--Picture of Chloe a little girl I use to watch.

Patti's challenge from the sketch---I love this picture of my mom from 1981--love the shirt she is wearing and she looks so pretty.

Some of you know we went up home to see family. Wednesday we went to the drive in to see G Force and Harry Potter. I would recommend going to see Harry Potter. G force was cute but not a must see.

We did a lot of school shopping and we did an awesome job on sales and deals. Went to one of my fave store Gabe's. My dd bought two pair of Harajuku Lovers shoes from Journeys ---I have to say they were both on clearance snagged both pair for a 32.00 and some odd change. Now that is what I call an awesome deal. She gave me one of the boxes and the tissue paper because she knows I will use it and I really am jealous they did not have my size.

Before we left on Wednesday I was to add my latest lo but I did not have time. We did more challenges the night before I left. Jami's challenge was to use purple and three different pieces of ribbon. Patti's was a sketch from ---I can't think of the name of the blog. Mine was to use something sparkley or glitter on the page.

Yesterday I was on the Pink Ninja's blog and I can't wait to do their new challenge. I have some older pics of the boys with Star Wars toys and costumes. Only if I had a pic of my Star Trek Barbie and Ken. If you need a challenge and you are a fan of Star Wars or Star Trek check out the Pink Ninja's blog. I know I am itching to scrap tomorrow. Have a great night !! I am out to check my fave blogs and get some inspiration.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

I was a scrapping fool yesterday

just a simple one of my dh with his second love here is a lo I did of a picture of me doing crafts with my cousin. I am not 100% sure if I love this.
my challenge chipboard and pink
Jami's challenge monochromatic--love how this turned out.
Just a lo I did using my new thickers!!! i love Syd's pic even though she hates it.
multi photos for Patti's challenge

I have the whole week off so I decided to scrap the day away yesterday. I did do other stuff around the house but boy did I get some scrapping done. I did all the challenges that we came up with and then some extras.

My friend Patti sent me a package yesterday. I have to say I was taken back because I would have never thought what it could have been. I received 11 packs of thickers!! I had a lo on my desk waiting for the title so I ripped open one of those bad boys. I have to say --they have come along way since the first time I bought them. The letters actually stayed on the paper they came on.

I have challenged myself to use what I have until my dh gets called back to work. I think so far so good. Have a great day!!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

new challenges we started

last night are-----Patti's multi photos( HOW MANY IS UP TO YOU).

Jami's monochromatic ( ok I am at a loss here--I have seen los done like this but I love color).

mine----You have to use at least 2 more chipboard pieces ( can not be letters) and there has to be pink on your lo.

I started on Patti's but my back started hurting sitting at my desk too long. I have been working on ATC's too. I have three swaps in the works. :) It is really weird because I have never done them and I am already addicted.

Most of my friends know I love to collect things( normal people would throw away) for scrapping. While sitting here at my desk I came up with a killer idea( I just hope I have not taken this from anyone but I can't remember seeing it on any lo or card.) . Well I love the bag you get from oranges. This time around instead of using it as is--I smeared Elmer's glue on it and then sprinkled glitter on it---it is to die for. Shiny, glittery, sparkling oh so cute just perfect for my idea!!! I am in love ---:). All this from something that people just throw away. I will post pics later to show you---you will think why didn't I think of that? or I thought of that.

I gave you some challenges and I gave you an awesome idea to use what are you waiting for get busy create!!!