Sunday, August 2, 2009

new challenges we started

last night are-----Patti's multi photos( HOW MANY IS UP TO YOU).

Jami's monochromatic ( ok I am at a loss here--I have seen los done like this but I love color).

mine----You have to use at least 2 more chipboard pieces ( can not be letters) and there has to be pink on your lo.

I started on Patti's but my back started hurting sitting at my desk too long. I have been working on ATC's too. I have three swaps in the works. :) It is really weird because I have never done them and I am already addicted.

Most of my friends know I love to collect things( normal people would throw away) for scrapping. While sitting here at my desk I came up with a killer idea( I just hope I have not taken this from anyone but I can't remember seeing it on any lo or card.) . Well I love the bag you get from oranges. This time around instead of using it as is--I smeared Elmer's glue on it and then sprinkled glitter on it---it is to die for. Shiny, glittery, sparkling oh so cute just perfect for my idea!!! I am in love ---:). All this from something that people just throw away. I will post pics later to show you---you will think why didn't I think of that? or I thought of that.

I gave you some challenges and I gave you an awesome idea to use what are you waiting for get busy create!!!

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  1. You can use color on my challenge, just pick one. ROFL Where are you doing swaps though? You never told me. I feel so left out. LOL