Friday, September 24, 2010


just something i wanted to save from the rolling stone --:D
check out the blog scrapoutsidethebox for some cool ideas using rad house hold items--:D

I feel so behind on scrapping here is my sons last years 1st day of school. but check out that rad kit I won from the Pink Ninjas--:) makes me happy and the cute little robot makes me giddy too. gotta love nerd robots !!

All these have been made from the awesome PINK NINJAS kits.

I want to get back into scrapping and blogging but why do i feel so drained, so warn out? Oh maybe because i work, get the kids off to school, take a nap of 51/2 to 6 hours, clean the house and make dinner. wow!! i hope one day it will slow down but for now all i can do is wish for some time. peace and smiles xoxo gina

Thursday, September 9, 2010

I interrupt this blog for a tip --a fashion tip

i want to shout out to Courtney --I miss you girl and next time i am in Chicago i want to hang out even longer--:D
My new tattoo I got in Chicago~! Who says girls can't sport a sugar skull? I love them and love my tattoo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Okay here is the tip--------------------------------------------------------

use some tape and put it across the nail --paint the nail that is showing. i used black and the first layer is pink ---:D
ta da!!!!! ----looks so cool :) love it and its easy!! if you have used this on your blog i am sorry for stepping on toes but
while in Chicago I noticed a girls fake nails (so freaking cool ) but I do not want fake nails so, i thought I would copy the effect she had on hers. The first time I used the white boo boo tape but for this post I used my cute tape --gasp but you need a tape that is not so sticky. Scotch tape is too thin and the nail polish screws it up.

Sorry for being missing in action and all but with work/ family it is hard to find time to get on the net.

until next time remember to smile--xoxo gina