Wednesday, May 26, 2010

my mail box has been filled with


Lindsay surprised me with these awesome stickers. I have to say I don't know if I want to use them or hoard them? They are so cute and so me--:D thanks lindsay so much. love ya!!
i loved the cute little card too. I think it should be framed--:D
I had asked Jamie where she gets her graph paper. I have bought scrapping paper that has graph printed on it but I could not find real graph paper. She told me she would send me some and that is what she did--:D She also sent me some really cool stickers. thanks Jamie!! I have used the graph paper A LOT!!! Since we are talking about Jamie. You should go run to her blog! Why? you might ask. well, she is amazing for 1 , 2 she is inspiring in every way and last but not least she is having a HUGE giveaway. 32 of her favorite things!!!!!! HAPPY MAIL!!!!!!!!! My package from Kristie arrived on Monday--look at all those goodies for scrapping. I received so many great scrappy goodies that my head is spinning. Spinning with ideas of course!! She never knew this but one of my fave cereals as a kid was Lucky Charms. look at that lip gloss--LUCKY CHARMS!!! Kristie also bought me a pack of chocolate covered peanuts but they were gone as soon as I opened the package--:D

Have you ever been to the blog of Happy Mail? Please check it out!! I have a lot of fun shopping for my peeps and I look forward to the packages instead of the dreaded BILLS.
Yesterday, I received my Damon (atc) from the Vampire Diaries. Oh my gosh is he hot!! Okay back to blogging. I will make sure I take a pic of it to share. Alison did an outstanding job and I love it!! thanks Alison for the atc and the goodies.

Have a beautiful Wednesday and if you are like me I hope you keep cool. I am not ready for these hot days. I would be happy with 75 all year round.

xoxo gina

Monday, May 24, 2010

Let's go back to the 80's

not a toy but this was one of my first cameras. lol do you remember disc cameras?
Never received one of these but wanted one badly. I still have my other strawberry shortcake dolls. I might have been a little old but i did not care. I loved that she gave strawberry kisses.
fuzzy stickers!! i have these in my collectioni had fun many times at my grandparents playing with this.
Scratch and sniff--my teacher knew not to put it on my paper. I would keep them and add it to my book later. did your teacher ever give out these?
I wanted one of these so bad. I remember marking it in the christmas wish book
these stickers were the coolest! i have several of these in my collection. I actually have that moon.
did not have one of these but i do remember them. the hello kitty could be put in the bath tub with you and would change colors.
one of my fave things ever. i wish i still had this!
yes, please!! I still wish i had this too. i think it would be cool for my boys to use.
i had the hand held one but I loved it.

I found a pretty cool site about 80's movies . You should check it out. I looked up one of my many faves and it gives all kinds of cool facts.

check this out about the 80's music

or this one out about the 80's

I know I am not the only 80's lover so this is a shout out to Kristie my HM partner this month.

enjoy and remember to smile---xoxo gina

Sunday, May 23, 2010

creative ways to reuse and scrapbooking pages

My cover for my happy mail book. I took a big piece of chipboard/cardboard and covered it with envelopes from my happy mail partners. I also cover it with stickers they had sent me( some of the envelopes already had stickers but I wanted to cover some spaces that were blank. the flowers and piece of paper are there to cover addresses. inside the cover --:D thanks Jamie for the graph paper--love it!!!
Here we have Sam's book about Stanley's adventures he went on. showing some of the pages.

This layout was made from the Pink Ninja's kit --thrift shop junkie. I love all the papers and all the pretty embellies.
These last two layouts were made from the kit Mommy's Little monster. Just when I thought the Thrift shop junkie was my fave. You can check out more kits or this one here what a creative weekend I had. I did my art journal, finished Stanley's book, made my cover to happy mail and did 5 layouts. WOW!!! My creative juices were flowing none stop and I loved every minute of it. Did you do anything creative?

today we are going to the park to enjoy the weather and some family time.

xoxo --gina

Saturday, May 22, 2010

What are you up to?

I sent out 4 packages and still have more to send out--:D I love being able to make someone smile when they open their mailbox. What are you up to? Did you send any packages or receive any?

I thought today was going to be one of those gloomy days but it turned out to be a beautiful day.

I finished Stanley's trip book. I will make sure I post pics tomorrow. The book turned out to be cute( ok I made it :D ) I gathered up everyone's pictures they sent and turned them into a little book about Stanley's adventures.

Tonight I am going to work on a cover for my Happy Mail book. I thought it would be nice to recycle something around here instead of buying what I need.

I hope everyone has a beautiful weekend and remembers to smile ---xoxo gina

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

random pictures make a random post

this is how I store my markers. it is made out of those diet drink mix containers. How do you store your markers/pens? you can see my yummy feathers I just bought --:D

Sam fell asleep on the sofa and look who joined him. Gizmo looks so cute and a lot smaller now.
My happy mail card from Kristie --:D love the stickers. My fave Hello kitty and owls!!! I still need to take a pic of my other happy mail card.
My poor little man has poison ivy on his face since monday. He woke up with his eyes swollen so, no school for him for two days. this picture was taken last night. Ice cream always makes me feel better!! today he finally went to school and he was super happy. Well until he came home he said he had a bad day. I guess the kids at school called him zit boy. I wanted to show you what I did to my dd old ipod cover. I used stickles!!! Love how it turned out.

have a super Wednesday and remember to smile ---:D xoxo gina

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

art journal pages and 1 scrapbook page

inspired by Janel and Lindsay--:D

loved this pic! i had to use it

not happy with this--:(

this one is kind an odd ball page but i really was stuck on this prompt. might redo it later.

my scrapbook page for my happy mail book--march happy mail partner, Lindsay. I still have to ask my partner from last month ( debbie) if I can copy a pic from her blog. I copied the best pic of Jamie( the brains behind HM). I can not wait to scrap it later tonight.

I have been trying really hard to keep up with our every day art journal prompts but I am usually two behind. lol I think I need to let go more and let things fall as they may. I feel like I need to follow the prompt to a "T" but I should not feel like that this is my book--right?

I hope these have not bored you to death and may gave you a little inspiration. x0x0 gina

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Race for the Cure

before the race
crossed the start line
steel drum band playing for us at one of the corners

checking us out flying above us
nice sign!!! I did not get the sign next to him that read---watch out cancer my family is here to kick your ass!
Syd--:D giving thumbs up
sea of pink in front of us
even motorcycle guys and women came out to cheer us on

sea of pink behind us

the finish line---at 1 hour and 41 min

Wow!! What a beautiful day for the Race for the Cure. The weather was perfect!! I am so happy because it had rained here almost all week. We broke the record from last years runners and walkers too. We raised tons of money and had a great walk! I am so proud to be able to be part of this awesome event. I can't wait to be there again next year. I love seeing all that come together for a great cause. You can check out more here or here .

xoxo gina