Thursday, January 20, 2011

what is new?

It is snowing here! Not that I love snow but it does look better now that the dead grass is covered. I think winter is very depressing. With dead grass and the naked trees -hate it!!!

If this is not a feel good story I am not what is. Have you heard about this young lady finally finding out she was kidnapped 23 years ago from the hospital? I guess she had a gut feeling the lady that raised her just did not feel right. After doing a search she found a pic of her as baby on the missing persons page. After a DNA test she is that baby that was taken from the hospital. She was reunited with her mom and dad after 23 years. Is this a feel good story or what? I just love hearing stories like this. We need more of these on the news, don't you agree?

My new fave show!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

THE TALK~~!!!!! ( this picture is not up to date because the blond is not on the show). Who is she? I am not even sure. I love the girls on this talk show. Have any of you watched it?

I have layouts I wanted to share but my batteries are dead in my camera. I will share them soon. off to shovel snow--yuck!!

thanks for all that have visited my blog.
remember to keep smiling ---=D xoxo gina

Friday, December 31, 2010

Dear bloggers

When I am down and feeling a little blah I DYE my hair. BLUE !!!!!

Rest in peace Margret we love you!!! (Dave's grandmother passed last week.)

I really feel like I live under a rock with my blog world of friends. Man, do I feel out of it and I am so sad to see how most of you can keep up with blogging while i am in this rut of non blogging. I remember there was a time where I would text Lindsay almost every day. My dear panda loving friend how I miss you. How about Carrie? We share the same love ---thrifts and Hello kitty! I miss you too. Miss my 80's loving and 80's blogging fool ( mean that in a loving way :) ) Kristie I miss you tons too. I miss reading Courtney's blog. How I could use a few make-up tips right about now. I miss reading Jamie's family fun( she has some pretty cool times with her family and I love that). Miss reading a lot of my scrapbooking blogs too. Okay, I miss scrapbooking :( makes me sad I do not get to scrap like i use to.

My blogging has slowed down since my job but I keep thinking I need to blog. The blogging makes feel good. Believe you me, my last post was so freeing. I felt so good knowing I could share and I thank everyone that sent me well wishes. THANK YOU!!!!! I was so nervous. Thank you for making feel 99% better. I will not be 110% until the day I get to put my arms around Hayley.

remember to smile gina

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Where to begin?

I have tossed around making this blog a personal blog and wanted it to keep it as I started it but I am going to throw that to the side for just this day. I am hoping maybe I can help someone that has gone through what I have gone through for 16 1/2 years. Most of you come to my blog for scrapping/crafty ideas or my etsy finds and lets not forget my music lists. If this is too much personal info I am sorry but I need to get it out there. Most of my family have been told. The only people that I have not told are the people i work with. I figure they need not to know everything in my life. With all the strength of that day 16 1/2 years ago

here it goes...............................................................................................................................................................................................................................................

161/2 years ago I gave a baby girl up for adoption something that I have had to deal with and struggled with for every year. I called an agency that was out of Boston to see my options. They flew me to Boston where I then went to the agency. I was given several adopted parent books to look through. I finally decided on a couple that I thought was the perfect match. a hard one, this would be her family for the rest of her life. I met them the next day.

to make a long story short. The couple sent me pictures and letters until she was 6. I also sent pictures/packages and letters After that I never received letters or pictures. It was the agreement that the agency had with adopted couple one, that i did not like but dealt with. On October 21 I received a letter from "hayley". I never thought I would see this day so soon ( well not soon enough). I cried with sadness and cried with happiness. You would never believe the emotions that i was feeling. I had them all! her letter stated she had been looking for me on facebook for a while but without any luck. As soon as I heard this I had to sign up on fb but just for her. The crazy thing is before I started working I googled her name, her adopted parents and brothers name. I had no clue what their last name was, mind you. There it was infront of me. I could not believe it. I had info that I never had. I even found out where she went to school and where they lived. Mind you I did not want it to use it for knocking at their door but I just wanted to see a pic. while on fb I could not find her by typing in her name so, I went to her adopted mom's name. She was not on her frineds list but I found a friend of hers that did. BINGO!!! sent her a message telling her I received her letter. We have been texting ever since and sending picture messages. It is the best feeling knowing she forgives me and that she loves me as much as I love her. She was going to visit for Thanksgiving but with tickets costing so much, it does not look like she will be coming . I will be visiting her in June.

remember to smile gina--=)

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

music #2

Concrete Blonde--song--Joey
Michael Jackson--song---Dirty Diana
I can not say I have a favorite of Sonic Youth because they are one of my favorites.

Rolling Stones---song---Emotional Rescue (grew up listening to this band so it was a tough one to narrow down to one song but I do have other favorites. )

enjoy!!! gina