Wednesday, June 30, 2010

found around my house

elsie print, cards, vintage cameras and owl little pet shopPolaroids
our new sofa. we bought a love seat and chair that go with this too.
some of my childhood goodies and other cool goodies.
This strawberry use to be my great grandmothers. It now sits inside my cabinet that my dad bought me. a bath and body works. I ended up buying three of the sprays to get two free--:)

My dad bought me this a year ago ( I have not yet to use it because I am nervous it will peel like the cups did)
some of my mini coke bottles and a&w mug from a drive in at my home town
this was taken saturday. Is this beautiful?
a huge strawberry yummy!

I feel like a bad bad blogger! I keep thinking of all these posts I can make but I never get the time. I am going to make myself follow the list starting tomorrow!! I promise you!

I thought it would be cool to show some goodies from around my house. Now its your turn. If you would like to play please post a link.

I have to work tonight ( on my night off) but I do have tomorrow off--:D i am so happy to have tomorrow off instead of tonight. well I am off to get ready.

tomorrow post will be for sure art journal and happy mail!! YAY for happy mail!!!

remember to smile--xoxo gina

Thursday, June 24, 2010


I love the etch-a-sketch and I love all my followers---found at rockriverstees
Hell yes!!! Gotta love these---found at imagejunkie
this is so different and I love it---found at Janedeaux
recycling could not get any cooler---o0ocuppycakeo0o
look at this little guy made by the super cute Lindsay in her new shop ---Pixiesandbears

found at keepcalmshop--you did not think I would not have a camera related product in my post, did you?

I wanted to post things found around my house but my camera batteries died. LOL and then my computer started up yet again--:( damn thing!! So, I decided to do a post of goodies off of good old Etsy. I will be ready for tomorrows post of things found around my house and maybe you would like to play a long? It will be fun! I also need to post my journal pages from Janel's challenge but that will be in a different post this weekend.

do you drool over any items on etsy or any other online store? I would love to see!
take care and remember to smile xoxo gina

Thursday, June 17, 2010

perfect day off

we sat in the wine dining room. Can you tell why it was called that? These bottles were above our heads.

Yesterday my in laws came down and we went to one of my fave places to eat. Buca di Beppo is an Italian restaurant. I love all the pictures on the walls and the amazing food. My fave is the chicken breasts with lemon butter and capers. The place serves everything in family style.
2nd day prompt please excuse the mess of what is a blanket on the bed. I need to go back with a thicker marker to color it in.
4th day prompt I skipped over the 3rd day to try to practice doodling a person. I am terrible at it but I want to do the prompt. I want to break out of my egg shell. all these journal pages are from Janel's 30 day art journal challenge. I am loving just using ink and paper. thanks again Janel for having these challenges.

I did these three layouts using the amazing kits from the Pink Ninjas. I still need to add some journaling and add the word in with my dymo on the last one.

Did you do anything this week that was nice for a change? It was nice to get out of the house besides just going to work. My plans for the for Friday and Saturday go to target and post office ( and work of course ). I want a Starbucks so damn bad!!
have a super Thursday and remember to smile x0x0 gina

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

without pics

Tomorrow I will post about my day today and some layouts that I have done tonight.

I miss family time,friends, reading my favorite blogs, my creative outlet, searching etsy, art journaling, scrapbooking, tv shows and a regular sleep schedule.

Right now my hands fall asleep while I sleep and while I even put make-up on. I am 10 years older from the last time I worked night shift so, I am thinking its age--don't judge! :) Other than that I feel great! I really like the crew I work with ( well so far). My night manager is a lot better to work for from the last one I had. I am now official stocker of the clothing. I use to do that area once before so, it is easy peasy lemon squeezy. I say as long as you keep up with everything that comes in, its not a big deal. The person that had done it before let it go down hill. I have a lot to do before its 100% but I know I can do it.

Another problem is the house work. I figured since I no longer stay home people would step up. I thought wrong. I had problems with my family being lazy before but this is getting out of hand. What should I do? I figured with my 14 year old I am going to take her phone and lap top( which I am on ) away from her. My boys will be hit the hardest because they like way too many things. No tv, no games, no outside and no slot car track( its new so they will have a fit). I can't take anything away from my dh ----or can I? :D

I wrote a note and posted it in the kitchen

you spill it --clean it up
see something on the floor pick it up--don't step over it or on it
get food out put it away
dishes are to put into sink not on kitchen table or left in living room
make any mess clean it up!!!!!!

I am so sorry to all my blog friends. I promise I will be around more often. I have made a list of what days to post to my blog and every morning I will check my fave blogs. I will allow time at night to double check blogs.

I also want to send my thoughts and prayers to my friend jami. Jami's grandmother passed away the other day. I am truly sorry for your loss. ((hugs)) to you and your family. I love you!

What have you been up to? Do you miss anything right now?

remember to smile and remember to stop back here tomorrow xoxo gina

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

3rd shift is kicking my a**!!

Wanted to show how I looked for my interview last week. I started work on Sunday night. I had last night off and tonight off. Man it is hard getting back into a groove. I worked at Sam's Club 8 years ago but when I left I was on days. I had worked there for 5 years starting out on night shift. I picked nights again because it works best for our family.
I made these two pages for Wyatt and Samuel's teachers. (Lindsay requested to see them.) Not my best work but at least I did get them done.

My bestie Jami sent me these awesome goodies. LOOk at those socks!! Yes, those are owls on them. Thanks so much!! I can not wait to use the paper. I was hoping to scrap tonight. crossing my fingers!! I won a giveaway over at Tabitha's little place. Thanks for the goodies!!
Sasha surprised with this package. I love it all--:D I am a big Hello Kitty lover but you know that. Thanks so much!!

Vicky surprised me with some extra goodies along with our Atc swap. Our theme was sweets! Yummy makes me hungry for a cupcake or two--:D I am waiting on Patti's summer theme atc's. I will mail them out as soon I receive them.

What have you been up to? anything going on in your life that has kicked your a**? Well I am off to clean and maybe scrap/art journal later today. x0x0 gina

Friday, June 4, 2010

Hello friends!!

Here is my challenge from over at Scrap Outside the Box . The challenge is to use a paper bag. This layout is for my Happy Mail book too.
I wanted to share a pic of my dd receiving her award last week. She received an award for being on honor roll all year. We are very very proud of her.

Guess what I did yesterday? Went on an interview and had a drug test!!! I will start work Sunday night!!! I am so excited!! I have not worked outside the home for almost 8 years ago.

What kind of plans do you have this weekend? Tonight the boys are watching iCarly and then the family will be watching Alice In Wonderland. Tomorrow I will have to figure out how to stay up all night. That way I can sleep during the day Sunday because I will be working Sunday night until Monday morning. Any ideas to stay up on Saturday?

Have a great weekend!! xoxo gina

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

etsy love

Pretty tape YES!!! I am a hoarder but I would love this tape--polk-a-dots = love!!
I have always loved vintage style tattoos. Look at these stamps --found here
I use to have a link on the right hand side of my blog. I love this stamp company!
sugar skulls bride and groom found here
these would make a killer tattoo--:D
a silver bow necklace--:D found here
flapper found here
Peacock feather stamp--Yes, please!! found here
Pug with wings found here
I don't own a pug but my sil does.
I can not find this to save my life but I am for sure in love--:D
Polaroid plushie found here

Are there any goodies out there that you are in love with? I love all kinds of goods( as you can see) now I would like to see what you are in love with. Please post a link to your blog if you blog about it.

Have a super TUESDAY ( i keep forgetting its tuesday already) and remember to smile---xoxo gina