Friday, June 4, 2010

Hello friends!!

Here is my challenge from over at Scrap Outside the Box . The challenge is to use a paper bag. This layout is for my Happy Mail book too.
I wanted to share a pic of my dd receiving her award last week. She received an award for being on honor roll all year. We are very very proud of her.

Guess what I did yesterday? Went on an interview and had a drug test!!! I will start work Sunday night!!! I am so excited!! I have not worked outside the home for almost 8 years ago.

What kind of plans do you have this weekend? Tonight the boys are watching iCarly and then the family will be watching Alice In Wonderland. Tomorrow I will have to figure out how to stay up all night. That way I can sleep during the day Sunday because I will be working Sunday night until Monday morning. Any ideas to stay up on Saturday?

Have a great weekend!! xoxo gina


  1. i love the page you made with my picture and note i sent! great work! congrats on the job!!!

  2. Love the layout! Alice in Wonderland is so good!

    Good luck on your job!



  3. Yay! Where are you working?!
    I hope you still will have time to blog and create everything!

  4. You got it!!! Congrats!!!! Brian knows about staying up and working all nite all too well. It's such a hard shift on you! Take care of yourself!!! Let me know how you like Alice in Wonderland. I haven't watched it yet. Good Luck with the job!!!! xo -j

  5. What job did you apply for? Fingers crossed for you!!! :)
    Thank you for all of your sweet comments on my blog.

    Ok... We haven't played name that tune in awhile, So here we go...How many can you get? Lets try for all 5, Gina!!!
    Either finish the lyrics or give me the next line!

    1. If you get caught between the moon and New York City ______________________________.

    2. I get so emotional baby __________________

    3. Yes, it's true (yes, it's true), I'm so happy to be __________________.

    4. Your love is like _______________.

    5. Blame it on the ______.

    I bet you get all 5!
    Love you!

  6. I am so happy you got the job, but I am sure this mean no more good morning texts which makes me sad :( Congrats to your dd for making honor roll all year around, I know you are a proud momma!!! I love lov eyour layout and how creative you are!!!
    P.S. Alice in Wonderland is really good!!

  7. Hey Gina
    Congrats to your daughter for her awesome award - that is amazing, honor roll all year! Good for her!! You've done good momma!And a new job? Well my hubby works the mids every weekend- he usually naps a few hours prior to going in. I know it's tough, but I think you get used to it. LMK how you like the ALice movie!! :) xoxo

  8. yay go ahead gina congrats on the job
    and go ahead syd you get the honor award good stuff.

    as for icarly i am a fan too hahaha

  9. Gina, I got your card! thanks so much! I went over to the new place last night to paint so I checked the mail and there it was! thanks again Gina, I am so glad you're my happy mail friend. Congratulations to your daughter for receiving that award and to you for getting a job! how excting! xoSal

  10. Congrats to your daughter for her awesome award - that is amazing, honor roll all year! My KT too! What awesome kids we have!

    Good luck on the new job!!! Mountain Dew shots should help!!! LOL!

  11. Great Layout! I love the piece of lace you put on it too, so cute!

  12. hi girly! I am missing you. No change here and we are still at the hospital. How's the job going? I thought about calling today but wasn't sure if you'd be sleeping or not.


  13. Don't you love drug tests? Ha ha okay not really. But congrats about the interview and job! How exciting!