Wednesday, June 9, 2010

3rd shift is kicking my a**!!

Wanted to show how I looked for my interview last week. I started work on Sunday night. I had last night off and tonight off. Man it is hard getting back into a groove. I worked at Sam's Club 8 years ago but when I left I was on days. I had worked there for 5 years starting out on night shift. I picked nights again because it works best for our family.
I made these two pages for Wyatt and Samuel's teachers. (Lindsay requested to see them.) Not my best work but at least I did get them done.

My bestie Jami sent me these awesome goodies. LOOk at those socks!! Yes, those are owls on them. Thanks so much!! I can not wait to use the paper. I was hoping to scrap tonight. crossing my fingers!! I won a giveaway over at Tabitha's little place. Thanks for the goodies!!
Sasha surprised with this package. I love it all--:D I am a big Hello Kitty lover but you know that. Thanks so much!!

Vicky surprised me with some extra goodies along with our Atc swap. Our theme was sweets! Yummy makes me hungry for a cupcake or two--:D I am waiting on Patti's summer theme atc's. I will mail them out as soon I receive them.

What have you been up to? anything going on in your life that has kicked your a**? Well I am off to clean and maybe scrap/art journal later today. x0x0 gina


  1. i love your hair in the picture of you.

  2. Great picture! Hang in there Johnny worked third for over half our marriage and now on second so I know it can be rough. Love your layouts I did some last night


  3. i think u looked great for your hair seriously rocks!!

    good luck with working late - i know that sucks a bit, but you seem fabulous, so you'll make it work :)

  4. wowzers I love your hair!!! seriously so cute!!!! I love your layouts too!!! very cute!! and holy cute happy mail!!!!! love love love!!!! *hugs*
    Oh whats kicking my a$$ this week??? making stuff for something... ill explain later :P

  5. Awwwww you look so cute :-) I like your bangs!!! And man, talk about happy mail!!!! So fun!!!

  6. You look beautiful in your photo- and I love your makeup too!! I should have you talk to my hubby about the mid shifts. Beautiful layouts you made for the teachers!
    And girl, I think you get the most happy mail of anyone I know! That says a lot about you! We all love ya!!!!! xoxoxo

  7. I sent out the ATCs & came here to see if you had gotten them or not. :( Hopefully tomorrow. Everyone else has gotten their stuff. I seriously love your new look. Hope you enjoy your new job. Can't wait to see the ATCs that I'm going to get. I think I saw a glimpse of one? Yay! Now I know why I haven't seen ya online. TTYS

  8. Super cute picture! Awesome happy mail! Love it!!!

  9. Happy mail...I've never had the chance of getting any...I don't know how to get involved in all that.

  10. Hi Gina
    I miss you. Your hours should get easier as you get use to it ...Hopefully :) nice hair ,nice teacher pages,nice goodies ...all nice thanks for sharing...hugs,Vicky

  11. Aww Cute photo!
    I love all the cute packages you recieved! Adorable.
    Don't worry about work-you can just push through the tough parts and it'll become reoutine again.

  12. love the new look!!
    Also, Don't forget to head over to my blog and snatch up the Blog Button for accepting the journal challenge!!

  13. glad the package arrived! hope you enjoy! i am glad that getting mail makes you so happy! more people should send things in the mail.

  14. You look beautiful in your photo- and I love your makeup too!! I can see why you got the job! I should have you talk to my hubby about the night shifts - he actually works three months nights and then three months days - YUCK!
    And girl, I think you get the most happy happy mail of anyone I know! SCORE!!!!! CHA-CHING!

  15. Cute pictures. I'm so jealous of your loot. I'd love some cool goodies like that, esp. the Hello Kitty items. Nice!