Thursday, December 31, 2009

Have yourself a safe and Happy New Year

I would love to know where 2009 went? Did it go too fast for you or is it just me?

If you guys are going out have a safe a time. until tomorrow remember to smile---gina

Hello Kitty love

Sydney with her Hello Kitty panda ---what can get any cuter?A Panda and Hello Kitty

pics from except for my dd)
enough said----until later remember to smile---gina

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Its Hair time!!!

This picture was taken yesterday of my hair.
Okay I know I said my hair was to be a purple but I just did not have enough to dye what I had bleached. So RED it is!!! This time it turned out a lot better I would for sure recommend the bleach kit I bought and it was not very expensive. The bleach kit only cost 8.99 at Sally's. The kit includes everything you need to bleach your hair. My hair color is from Hot Topic.

btw---my sweater is a thrift store find---1.99--love when I can find something in clothes for myself and not just for the kids. NO owl finds this time around--:(
Well until tomorrow remember to smile-----gina

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

All about the HAIR!!!!

Here is the color and my kit I bought today. well just the kit.
Tomorrow I will be bleaching my hair to add a couple streaks of purple/lilac. I did over the summer and then dyed the streaks red but I want the purple back. I might be a little old for the color but it makes me feel good and at this moment I need it. I will post pics of what my hair looks like later in the evening on Wednesday. I will be scrapping with my online scrappy buddy and text buddy ---she lives too far away to really scrap in real life--:( after that i will bleach and dye!!! happy happy happy----doing the dance.
I just took pics of my hair ---I was having one of those good hair days--ok awesome hair days. :)
I told you it was all about the hair. x0xo---- well until tomorrow remember to smile---------gina

Monday, December 28, 2009

what two weeks I have had--time to slow down

Yes, I finally got my Monchhichi!!!!
My mom and Gizmo on Christmas day.
My fave pic of Sydney opening her gifts at Christmas.

My dad playing with Samuel. this was at our Christmas on the 20th.
At my Aunts house my grandmother taking a pic of me taking a pic of her.
This is what we woke up to on the 19th just in time to travel to our home town. The boys loved it as you can see.
Wyatt receiving his yellow belt in karate on Thursday the 17th of Dec.
Samuel received a medal for not missing one karate class. He is very proud!

Well thats my two weeks review. What did you do over the week? Remember to smile until tomorrow ----gina

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Oh my goodness

I had a long post ready to post but my computer decided to turn off so I lost everything. Now I need to start over---pulling my hair out!!!

Friday, December 18, 2009

oh my 7 more days until Christmas

Tomorrow we are going to Dave's side to get together with his parents, sister, brother-in-law nieces, cousins(and their kids), aunts and uncles. We do this every year for Christmas. We have a pot luck and sit around visiting one another.

Sunday my Grandparents( on my dads side) have their Christmas. I have not even finished what I need to for my grandparents. It is 6:26 I better get on it.

I did more shopping today but still not done--- :( I feel like I wait closer and closer to Christmas to finish shopping.

So what is your plans for the weekend? Any big plans with family or are you out going crazy finding those last minute gifts?

well I am off to finish my wall hanging for my grandparents. Have an awesome weekend and remember to smile------------gina

Thursday, December 17, 2009


You are probably wondering why my post says band-aids? Well that is the new challenge over at Scrap Outside the box. Plus it is my first challenge being on the new dt. I love being able to use things around the house--even though I did not have any cute band-aids around( they go fast around here). I wanted Hello Kitty why because I love her duh!! and it would make a cute layout of course. When I went to Wal-Mart for the band-aids I had a hard time really but Hello Kitty won. They had rainbow, camo, bright colorful ones, sparkley ones and other characters. I wanted to think a little more outside the box and that is why I used the box and one band- aid. I made my hand made felt ribbon and those flowers are made out of HK ribbon( only 1.00 for 4 at target ). Hello kitty pp, mm letters and hambly over lay. If you love using non tradional scrapping goodies go check out SOTB --you wont be sorry. until tomorrow remember to smile---gina

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

PN prompt--and a green crafty idea

We all love Elsie. When I read the new prompt over at Pink Ninjas I knew I had to do the prompt. I have been collecting cameras since 94 and I knew Elsie also loves cameras/polaroids as much as i do. So here is my take on Elsie and her creative lovelieness( is that a word?) well i just made it one--:) I love her style I love what she creates, I love her cuteness,love her PINK hair, I love her blog--ok you get the point. Check out the Pink ninjas and check out Elsie( if you do check her blog out you will find why I made that heart) if you have never been. They will both get your creative mojo flowing with creative juices----and remember to smile ---until tomorrow here is something i think might get you thinking a little outside the box and your going green--------------------gina Have you ever taken those coaster sitting on the table at a TGIF? or your favorite place to eat? Not sure what to do with them? WHy not make a little book. Here is my book I made with left over wallets that were sitting in a pile unused and unloved. I also used some of my favorite pictures of my kids inside the book. I covered the coasters with paper embellies are Quickutz and dies from swaps or my own. I also used those cute little Making memories letters ontop of each photo of their names.

all three of them cut out of pics to sit above and below the rainbow
Samuel___ :)

Monday, December 14, 2009

miss match monday

Hello darlings of the blog world. How is it going? I had a day of cleaning and laundry--blah!! I think it feels like that is all i do. Last night to relax I went blog hunting for some inspiration and boy did I find some. Even though one stuck out to me the most. You should see this blog if you love embroidery --this blog is for you. Plus she has a cute cute black and purple Christmas tree. I love it---love the crown as a star or angel.
Guess what tomorrow is? The new challenge is up at Scrap outside the box---please please check it out ---you wont regret!!! until tomorrow remember to smile ---:) gina

Friday, December 11, 2009

Friday frenzy-- a little Christmas joy

Being all creative today. I sat down and made two pins/brooches. I think they are cute!!! Lovin the camera. the snowman needs buttons or a scarf. WHat do you think? maybe on #2 I will add buttons or a scarf

Our house is all festive for the holidays. I actually had the Christmas tree up way before Thanksgiving. The stockings are hung--Dave's is the odd man out--purple one for the Viking lover. I made each one of the kids stockings--well glued the Tigger and added their name for each of their first christmas. A friend bought me the coke stocking.

How is your house done up for Christmas? I forgot to take a pic of Sydney's christmas pez. next post i will. Remember to smile and have an awesome Friday. Off to play the memory game. gina

Thursday, December 10, 2009

DIY list for 2010

Wouldn't this be the cutest baby room ceiling? I would even love it for my ceiling---I would love to paint a ceiling but it probably wont happen--we have that popcorn ceiling YUCK!!!
Would love to have something like this painted in my living room ---but it wouldn't go with my cameras--hmmmm maybe in my bedroom!!! found hereMake a felt tree for next years Christmas. diy
Paint a dresser or my bookcase--not exactly like this but I want to do something creative. found here
Make these cool book ends---I know I can find plenty of records at the thrift store. found here

Elsie has a diy list so I thought I would follow. Ok she asked for a link--:)
There's so many things I would love to create. The only thing standing in my way is time. I also have to finish my felt ugly doll I started for my dd about 2/3 years ago. I also would love to get back into making jewelry. Have an awesome day and remember to smile---gina

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

prompts = layouts

For a Quickutz message board I am on. They have a challenge every month sometimes challenges they think of some are sketches from pagemaps.
Here is my layout for the Pink Ninja's challenge--Kawaii. I finally was inspired. I was doing their challenges for a long time and then I was hit with no mojo. Actually I had no pics for them or no ideas. When I read the prompt was Kawaii I was so happy!! happy happy happy---:) this pic is of me when I was 3 1/2 --so cute right? the font is Rainbow Quickutz and Kawaii goodies from a friend over in England. the clouds and the pink rainbow are from Love, Elsie.

sorry for the bad pics---its so gloomy here and I was being lazy.

remember to Smile---Gina

Holly WIND!!

Here in Ohio its WINDY!! My neighbors fence blew down ---knock on wood( no pun intended) our fence has not. Its whipping our other neighbors tree around. Looks like it might snap in half. I sure hope not! How your weather in your area.

Guess what i finally did the other day--I actually did the prompt from the PN. I will be posting it soon. My batteries for my camera are slowly being charged. I think I need new--:) I also did a sketch from Page maps but its actually a challenge over at a Quickutz ms. I really love how they both turned out.

Well nothing else to say ---remember to smile-gina-:)

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

I made it!!!

I am now on a design team !!!! Scrap Outside the box is a super cool challenge blog that inspires you to scrap with common household items. The last challenge was to use pop tabs.

I can't wait for the first challenge I will be taking part of. I hope you will check us out.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Polaroid love!!!

felt polaroids--oh so cute!!! would go side by side with the cute plushie. These are made by the oh so cute Katie
I am so going to make one of these--thanks for the inspiration Elsie. check out this wreath here

the perfect tattoo ever for us Polaroid lovers!!! Of course this is miss cutie herself Elsie. photo from her blog elsie

another Etsy find---coin purse made by simbiosisbyjuliaPolaroid plushie-------OH so want one of these ---one late night-esty