Friday, December 11, 2009

Friday frenzy-- a little Christmas joy

Being all creative today. I sat down and made two pins/brooches. I think they are cute!!! Lovin the camera. the snowman needs buttons or a scarf. WHat do you think? maybe on #2 I will add buttons or a scarf

Our house is all festive for the holidays. I actually had the Christmas tree up way before Thanksgiving. The stockings are hung--Dave's is the odd man out--purple one for the Viking lover. I made each one of the kids stockings--well glued the Tigger and added their name for each of their first christmas. A friend bought me the coke stocking.

How is your house done up for Christmas? I forgot to take a pic of Sydney's christmas pez. next post i will. Remember to smile and have an awesome Friday. Off to play the memory game. gina


  1. so cute I love the camera! Thanks for the nice comment it made my day!

    Have a great weekend!


  2. Those pins are cute. Love them! I agree about your snowman. A scarf would be good & maybe a hat. Your tree. beautiful. I miss my tree & decorations.