Friday, July 31, 2009

challenging other friends

Jami's challenge---
Patti's challenge---I need to sew my chipboard Elsie buttons
Pink Ninjas inspired ---ChickPink Ninja inspired lo---Chick!!

I have to admit I have a lot of scrap goodies but you know us scrappers we want the new and the coolest paper, embellies and QK out there. I have challenged myself and a couple of my friends to join in on some challenges using our old stash. Since my dh was laid off I thought this is the right time to be using up what I have, instead of running out or buying online new goodies. Oh how i wish I could though.

My challenge was to use two or more stamps on a lo. I still need to work on mine.

Patti's challenge was to use a journaling card and buttons( i have enough to start my own clothing line). I have both of those ( well I could not find my cards so I made one from Elsie stamp). For this challenge I used Elsie( because I love her duh!) I love love how the flowers turned out--they rock! buttons --check ----------- journaling box/card---check

Jami's challenge was using flowers( we know we all have a million of those) and doodled. I can doodle!!! I did my lo of me as a little girl. I used the bag from the oranges to make my bow---i love this stuff!! As you can see I have flowers and doodles!!

Now for some online challenges. Pink Ninjas have a new challenge up. Chicks!!! I have done two for this challenge. I did one of my hair style( I love change I can't have the same hair style). The other one is my love for Hello Kitty. I know I am 38 but what is there not to love about HK? I have loved her since I was a little girl. I think I will be submitting this lo for Scrap Outside the Box for their Sept/ Oct issue because I used things I saved from notebooks, sticking pads, shoe tag, watch case and clothing tag. The only thing I bought are the buttons and the cs.

For you that need a challenge get over to some of my faves or maybe take on one of our challenges we made. Happy scrapping!!!

Monday, July 27, 2009

Pencil lines inspired sketch---quote by Charlie Chaplin
my friends kit she sent me along with some added goodies ---this is not from any inspiration just my own. Ki Memories inspired using lace card stock---yummy!!
How much is too much blog---challenge inspired

I scrap with friends but not in real life we scrap together on yahoo. I know it sounds weird but hey it works. We send each other links for inspiration and help each other with titles and other problems we might be having. I have been scrapping with my friend Jami ( on the net) for two years and have met a few other friends through her.

Last week Jami sent me a link to a blog . The blog is How much is too much. It helped me use some of those cute embellies I was holding onto. I had to use my little boys bday pics. I love Qk so I used two different fonts for the title. My friend Jami sent me the flourishes ( which I love and I need to buy the die). I still need to journal.

Jami also sent me a link to KI Memories. We had to use lace card stock---yummy!! The only one I had left was the butterfly cs. I had the perfect pics of me and my dd at the Race for the Cure to use with the butterflies. Again I used QK for the title and my yummy pom pom ribbon.

Last night we got together to scrap again. I helped one of my online friends with a graduation page she is doing. I can't wait to see what the two did while we scrapped. We usually share our stuff on a mb that we all belong.

Jami sent me a kit with bazzill, flowers, buttons and yummy summer paper from Archivers. I was going to use the kit for some summer pages but thought it would look so cute with my little Wyatt's Easter pic. Again QK for title( Bright) the dots are from the inside of the letters, flourishes ( yes I am addictied). A online friend( thanks Callie) sent me the flower with the skulls( I am also addictied to cute skulls). Is that paper yummy or what? Thanks Jami so much for the awesome kit. I can't wait to start working on my kit for Oct.

Pencil lines had a great sketch that inspired me to do one more page for the night. The pic I used is from Mother's Day 2009. I love this picture of all three of us and I will always cherish this memory.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

cute stuff

I found some pretty cute things on the net.

ON etsy these are so cute and yummo---

on their CafeExpress store here are some shirts that are to die for ---can you say? CUTENESS!!! My dd would love the Panda :)

A Hello Kitty sewing machine say it's not true----Oh it is!!! found at Target|Hello_Kitty_Sewing_Machine_Green_11706&ref=tgt_adv_XSMG1060

More Kawaii---Holy cuteness--- can see using some of those on my los.

and of course we need this one on here because well do I have to explain why? No i don't !! :)

Saturday, July 25, 2009

inspired by the Pink Ninja's

Inspired by Pink Sketches
inspired by page maps

I have been busy scrapping. This is probably my first day that I actually felt like sitting down and scrapping --I did not force it. I have been really inspired by all these scrapping/ challenge blogs like I stated before. I am addicted!!! :) I am new at blogging so please bare with me as I am learning.

My first lo I did was inspired by page maps but the sketch was on a message board that I am on. I really love how it turned out. I used my fave Elsie!!! of course my dd makes it so cute too. She is growing up too fast.

My second lo of the night was inspired by Pink Sketches. I love how the sketches on their blog can be used different ways and still turns out so cute. I used my new Bazzill for it ---I am in love with this stuff( pink polka dots and shiny too boot). Mixed my letters I bought in Indiana (BL)with my friend Jami. Again my dd is on this lo with her friend.

My third for the night was inspired by the Pink Ninjas. I have to say I thought I really was at home with Scrap Outside the Box but I really do think the Ninja's kick butt. I am so inspired there. I did the prompt #5 Guilty pleasure. I used some things I had saved from my trip to Indiana( ok I save everything). I used an old envelope too. I sprayed them to make them archival safe---can't be too safe!! I want to remember those scrappy goodies I bought and boy did we get some great deals!!! SO this lo is like Pink ninja's and out of the box rolled in one. How cool is that? One good thing about that is with my DH laid off I am saving money on recycled items found around the house.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

layouts inspired by other blogs

challenge from

challenge from The pink ninjas

I have been hooked on searching blogs that inspire me to scrap. I found a blog that is right down my alley. I have always saved things normal people would think is trash but I would use them on los. Scrap outside the box is the place just for me!!! You should check it out ---link to the blog is here on my blog. : ) The newest challenge is up ---using a coffee filter on your lo. ----check my lo out. I used a coffee filter for my journaling box and my flower--I dyed it a few different colors to give it a cool effect.
After finding that one it linked me to The pink ninjas ---you need to check out their challenges. I did prompt #8 polka dots or stripes. I picked POLKA DOTS!!