Thursday, April 29, 2010

polaroid hmmm looks like Fujifilm instax

I copied the info that was on but I figured I would let you go there to read it.

and here to

what do you think will you be buying one? I think I will hold out for the wood grain model. I have the fujifilm instax that looks just like this one.

xoxo gina

organization inspiration from Elaine

Elaine inspired me to put all my little things that I hoard ( yes hoard) into a 3 ring binder and here I am passing it to you. This is what I am using for my art journal instead of digging through plastic drawers and bins. I even color coded them like she did. I love this idea and it is much easier to find my goodies. the sleeves are baseball card sleeves I took over from my dh--hee hee and put some of my MM cards in but you can see they are no longer in them. thank you Elaine for posting this awesome idea on your blog awhile back.

samples of my collection of goodies. Yes, I took my dd hair bow she was going to throw out. You never know when you might new a plastic bow. I save everything from tags to candy wrappers. Do you save or hoard things like I do? Are you inspired to organize them in a 3 ring binder? If you have any other cool ideas for organization in the scrappy or crafty department let me see.

thanks to all that gave me love on my art journaling I am still new at it and nervous to show them off. Ihave been so inspired by many of you that are taking the class and many of you that just art journal for yourself. I thank you again for that!!

xoxo gina

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

learning to art journal

doodled and wrote
i am learning to be more free to journal my thoughts so i am sure it will improve the more we go along.
doodled, tissue paper, masking tape, glimmer mist and a piece of pattern paper. Reused tissue paper from happy mail--:D

The fabric I used on this page is from my package Sasha sent me. I love it on here and I knew I wanted to use it for something. The pic is from today my dh and I took a motorcycle ride --more adventures!!

thanks for looking at my art journal---xoxo gina

Monday, April 26, 2010

my weekend

Went to the Mansfield reformatory to see if we could get a tour but tours don't start until May.
The reformatory is famous for being in Shawshank Redemption, Air Force one, Tango and cash, Harry & Walter go to New York. Many tv shows for ghosts and mtv shot a few videos here.

it was built in 1886 but was not opened for the young offenders until 1896. The doors closed in 1990 --I remember when this happend and the new one was built behind the old building. Soon the reformatory was going to be torn down but people stepped in to save it. Now they hold weddings, reunions, tours, sleep overs( for those into ghost hunting) and lets not forget the haunted prison experience( halloween). The reformatory is the largest castle like structure in ohio. I can not wait to go back in May to take the tour.

I also remember one of the guys I went to school with was an extra in the movie Shawshank Redemption.

found my dream house. Only if the porch wrapped around I think it would have been perfect.
My thrift find of the weekend!! I have been searching for one and now I am a proud owner. a couple instax of the weekend. my dd in really thick nerd glasses. I should have gotten them. My cute black and white polka dotted shoes with a cute bow. I love love them!!

I hope you guys had a great weekend. Besides the rain mine was perfect!!

xoxo gina

Friday, April 23, 2010

thank you!

My happy mail from miss Jamie and the brains behind the happy mail blog. Before I received this package I was having issues with my creative mojo but that day I was in a creative overload. Jamie, thank you so much I love everything and I needed new cute note cards. I have made many cute things out of the stamps---I will show those later next week. I am hoping I can give all of you a load of creative inspiration. Please check out Jamie's blog she is very creative and is an inspiration in every way. I hope to one day get to meet her in real life. My happy mail partner from March sent me another cute cute package. Thanks so much for the cute goodies. I am going to wear my new ring this weekend!! Check out Sasha's blog here. She is the cutest and very creative. Sasha has become a great friend and it was all because of Happy Mail.
I won these Sharpies over at Alli's blog. I love seeing how she uses her vintage Polaroids and her creative style in fashion. I have used these a lot since I received them and here is a sample--:D I would recommend visiting her blog. Thanks so much Alli !!

I received another goodie in the mail but I want to have a prop for it--:D it is the cutest thing ever for my little digits--:D I can't believe someone would send me something just because. It blows my mind. Deb--thank you so very much!! I baby sat all day yesterday so, I never made it to the ........ you thought I would give you another hint? no no no not going to do it. ---:D so bad!! You guys will have to wait.
Please check out Deb's blog You will be blown away by her awesomeness in scrapping.

I have not forgotten about my next giveaway. I seemed to misplaced one of the items and I hope it was not thrown out. :( I thought I had put them all in a box together but that one item is not in there. Makes me wonder--hmmmmmm makes me crazy too--:(

I wont be around much this weekend. I have a busy weekend planned and a little thrifting- who knew?--:D heehee Well until the next time remember to smile and make this weekend a beautiful one--- xoxo gina

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

saturday thrift finds

this is after we got back from our 4 thrift store shop until you drop Saturday. My dd, me, my moms friend Tina and my mom. Please excuse the nasty hair day I was having. I usually care what my hair looks like but it was a windy day. LOL!!
brass owl --he is about 8 inches high and I paid only .90 cents!!
my favorite item a cuckoo clock --it is about 3 to 4 inches high and was in a grab bag of goodies. as soon as i spotted i knew i had to have it. the little sparrow goes back and forth as the second hand. all the goodies plus this cute cute clock .50 cents.
a vintage pillow case for .99 cents. thanks to all those that have me obsessed with vintage sheets!! :D
I had to have this cute class owl and he was the most expensive item I bought. I actually ended up buying two but sent the other one to a cutie I know. The other one had a cork stopper. I am going to use mine for my scissors.

My mom brought me this when she came down. My bathroom is done with moon and stars. The top part of the walls is done in this wall paper and the bottom half is a midnight blue. I actually have been wanting that sign but it will not match when I change my bathroom to PINK. I am sure I will find a place for it.

Do you go to thrift stores? I would love to see what you collect or what kind of goodies you pick up. xoxo gina

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

hand made envelopes diy

items you will need
1. scissors
2. wood grain contact paper or other paper( 2 pieces ) one for the front and one for inside.
3. an envelope torn apart( this is your template)
4. adhesive
5. sharpie
my adhesive I used or use a double side tape.
trace envelope onto the back of the wood grain contact paper. You will also trace it on the second piece of paper.
looks like this. You will cut out both and glue them together.
fold the flaps from the left side and right side add adhesive .
I hope these instructions are easy to follow.

Now all you do is add a cute letter or hand made card mail it off to your friend. I used my first one on my art journal page but I am for sure going to mail this one off to one of my friends. I would love to see what you use to make a cute envelope.

take care xoxo gina

Sunday, April 18, 2010

do you remember?

crimped hair. I did it, did you? My mom probably has my crimper.
Paint splattered clothing. I have to say I had my share of this and boy did I love it. My mirrored sun glasses were splattered, gray jeans and a shirt. Stirrup pants( pic is off 80's com) --I did have these and boy did I love them. You had to have a big baggy shirt or sweater paired with them.
I had some of these granny boots but without the higher heel. I had to look like Madonna--:D
Did you own an Angora sweater? I owned a lot and they were for sure my fave because they were soft and so pretty --well back then they were. I will have to dig out my polaroids of my black angora sweater with with hearts. Lets not forget my feathers bangs---:D
I had two pairs of patterned jeans. I had one pair that were black with flowers and a pink pair with flowers--what was I thinking?
Guess? jeans ---I only owned one pair. I was not really into the name brands but I did have to have a pair.
Members Only jacket--I had one when I was younger in pink and then again when I was little older in red. Oh that jacket was my fave.

Most pics found from 80's sites( the most from inthe80'
I had to do a post about the 80's because 1. love it and 2. because Kristie has me sucked back into reliving the 80's and loving it more( if that could ever happen).

take care and have a super sunday--xoxo gina

Friday, April 16, 2010

Stanley, OPI and bangs

Stanley found a friend. I almost bought that HK for myself.
Stanley enjoying a little ride in the cart at Target.
Stanley is a big fan of Shaun White.
Stanley enjoying a Dark Cherry Mocha --yummy!! He said he is hooked on them.
Lindsay had Stanley last week and he is home for a little while. She sent really cute pictures of Stanley getting his craft on and he loves yarn. He also played in the North Dakota snow. I am hoping I can find another friend to take him for a week. ( Stanley is a project for my littlest man)
My new obsession---OPI's mad as a hatter nail polish ( its part of the Alice in Wonderland collection). LOVE IT!!! The picture does not give it justice. The sparkles are all different colors.

Mind you I just woke up an hour ago. I cut my bangs because I was inspired to cut them again. I had been letting them grow out until this cutie posted her pics.

I scrapped online with my friend and birthday girl this morning. Happy Birthday Jami!!! Love you and I wish I was there. Did you guys do anything creative? I took a long nap today too so, I might be getting my craft on later--:D I need to finish four craft swap plushies and start wrapping them. Saturday I am off thrifting with my mom, her friend and my dd. It is going to be so much fun. I just hope it is a good thrifting day--:D I hope I find lots of cute things for my house and happy mail partners/friends.

have an awesome weekend in what ever you do and remember to smile --xoxo gina

Thursday, April 15, 2010


One of my favorite photographers William Wegman
found on flickr or yahoo( i can't remember) I want to paint like this on my furniture. Not really flowers but something like this. CUTENESS!!
I know i posted this before but I still would love one but in red( just like my mom had-: ( )
classic ericofon --LOVE IT!!
tulip dining set --oh my goodness!!

these last two images were found on might even find something you have been looking for.

Have a super duper fun day---xoxo gina

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

go fly a kite!

Over the weekend my oldest son flying his kite.

Here is my littlest flying his kite.

I love seeing how they light up with seeing the kite soar high into the sky. I think they went to the field 4 times that day. Oh the joy of the little things.

I remember Wyatt said "one good thing the kite does not need batteries." me---" yes! that is great."

Now why can't it be like this every weekend.

My dh took the boys to the skate park for an hour on Sunday.

xoxo gina