Sunday, April 18, 2010

do you remember?

crimped hair. I did it, did you? My mom probably has my crimper.
Paint splattered clothing. I have to say I had my share of this and boy did I love it. My mirrored sun glasses were splattered, gray jeans and a shirt. Stirrup pants( pic is off 80's com) --I did have these and boy did I love them. You had to have a big baggy shirt or sweater paired with them.
I had some of these granny boots but without the higher heel. I had to look like Madonna--:D
Did you own an Angora sweater? I owned a lot and they were for sure my fave because they were soft and so pretty --well back then they were. I will have to dig out my polaroids of my black angora sweater with with hearts. Lets not forget my feathers bangs---:D
I had two pairs of patterned jeans. I had one pair that were black with flowers and a pink pair with flowers--what was I thinking?
Guess? jeans ---I only owned one pair. I was not really into the name brands but I did have to have a pair.
Members Only jacket--I had one when I was younger in pink and then again when I was little older in red. Oh that jacket was my fave.

Most pics found from 80's sites( the most from inthe80'
I had to do a post about the 80's because 1. love it and 2. because Kristie has me sucked back into reliving the 80's and loving it more( if that could ever happen).

take care and have a super sunday--xoxo gina


  1. I used to crimp my hair all the time!

    Loved the travel back in time Gina! Hope your having a wonderful weekend!!

  2. Oh good God. I had all that. LOL Shelby hates that the 80's are back.

  3. my mom has a crimper, haha. i used to crimp my hair all the time in grade school.

  4. lol crimped hair, I had to have it when I was younger and the guess jeans!!! I think my mom still has a pair of hers! lol
    oh the memories!
    I super enjoyed talking to you on the phone today, well.. I always do!!!

  5. oh you got to love the 80's lol I had some printed denim jeans they were my favorite :D

    Have lovely day!


  6. Haha, love it! I rocked the stirrup pants back in the day.

  7. Loved crimping my hair way back when. I crimped my DDs hair when she was a few years younger and she thought it was the coolest thing.

  8. OMG, lmao, I had all of those! My sister and I even bought the Madonna granny boots, with the sequins! HAAAAAAAAAA! OMG,thank God no pics of me in those things exist! You forgot the Aqua Net girl!

  9. OMG, the stirrups and the crimped hair!

    Thanks for this!

  10. I still have my crimper and am waiting for it to come back in style when I can crimp a few strands here and there and it will be cool.

    Also, can't forget the IOU sweatshirts and Z. Cavariccis.

  11. OMG too funny...yes I used to get my husband to crimp the back of my hair for me! hehehehe...and let's not forget the acid wash jeans too!!! had a pair of those and matching acid wash jean
    have a great week Gina...hope you get my card soon...your package is going out in the mail tomorrow morning!!!

  12. I totally had stirrup pants and crimped hair FOREVER forgot leg warmers and side ponytails! :) Oh, and those huge cloth hair scrunchies! *so cool!* haha!


  13. new reader here...crimping my hair, i totally did 16 year old says it is making a small come back, can you imagine.

    fun walk down the 80's/early 90's lane!