Tuesday, April 20, 2010

hand made envelopes diy

items you will need
1. scissors
2. wood grain contact paper or other paper( 2 pieces ) one for the front and one for inside.
3. an envelope torn apart( this is your template)
4. adhesive
5. sharpie
my adhesive I used or use a double side tape.
trace envelope onto the back of the wood grain contact paper. You will also trace it on the second piece of paper.
looks like this. You will cut out both and glue them together.
fold the flaps from the left side and right side add adhesive .
I hope these instructions are easy to follow.

Now all you do is add a cute letter or hand made card mail it off to your friend. I used my first one on my art journal page but I am for sure going to mail this one off to one of my friends. I would love to see what you use to make a cute envelope.

take care xoxo gina


  1. that envelope is awesome! i'm going to have to try this out. thanks for showing how to do it.

  2. those are so cute I love them you talent lady :D


  3. So cute. Is that the Ipod pp I have? I need more. LOL

  4. So cute and yet so easy! Love it!

  5. How awesome! I have some of that patterned paper! ;)
    I will be posting this on monday for make it monday. :)

  6. I love this. I am not really that crafty but maybe I can pull this off. :)

  7. this is sooo cute!! I m so glad you psoted it!! loves!! oh and guess who had a Dark Cherry Mocha today?? THIS GIRL!! lol

  8. nice post ..cute family pix . good bargains & a envelope tut too!