Wednesday, April 21, 2010

saturday thrift finds

this is after we got back from our 4 thrift store shop until you drop Saturday. My dd, me, my moms friend Tina and my mom. Please excuse the nasty hair day I was having. I usually care what my hair looks like but it was a windy day. LOL!!
brass owl --he is about 8 inches high and I paid only .90 cents!!
my favorite item a cuckoo clock --it is about 3 to 4 inches high and was in a grab bag of goodies. as soon as i spotted i knew i had to have it. the little sparrow goes back and forth as the second hand. all the goodies plus this cute cute clock .50 cents.
a vintage pillow case for .99 cents. thanks to all those that have me obsessed with vintage sheets!! :D
I had to have this cute class owl and he was the most expensive item I bought. I actually ended up buying two but sent the other one to a cutie I know. The other one had a cork stopper. I am going to use mine for my scissors.

My mom brought me this when she came down. My bathroom is done with moon and stars. The top part of the walls is done in this wall paper and the bottom half is a midnight blue. I actually have been wanting that sign but it will not match when I change my bathroom to PINK. I am sure I will find a place for it.

Do you go to thrift stores? I would love to see what you collect or what kind of goodies you pick up. xoxo gina


  1. great finds! looks like you all had a great time. i occasionally go to thrift stores. i actually really wanted to go to one today. i want to find a nice picnic blanket.

  2. Oh my goodness I love the pillowcase!! Looks like you found allot of great finds!!

  3. I absolutely love thrifting because it is the thrill of the find! My mom and I are taking a trip to East Texas in a couple of weeks and we are going to stop at several thrift stores along the way. So exciting! You just never know what you will come away with after a day of fabulous thrifting! I asked Jamie if I could request you for a happy mail partner and she told me that you requested me, too! I think that is so awesome that we requested each other!!! :)

  4. wow what great finds!!!! I love the clock its so cool :D


  5. You guys are so cute! You found an owl I see!
    Can I come with you next time? :)

  6. I listen to 80s satellite radio on dish network everyday. It puts me in the best mood. Those really were the good ole days. They don't make music anymore like they did back then. We are so close in age that we probably have a lot in common. :)
    Right now I'm listening to Suzanne Vega.
    Let's see if you can complete this sentence...
    My Name is Luka...

  7. wow so you got the coolest thrift finds ever!! I am loving the clock!!! It is so flippin' adorable!!! I seriously need to go thrifting around here!! Maybe I can drag my hubby with me (yea right) lol
    Have a great week!!! love ya!
    P.s. your sweet texts make my day :D

  8. You got a perfect score! :) I do have a twitter account but I hardly ever use it. My twitter name is sicembears21.
    Teena Marie rocks.

  9. i did some good thrifting in the past couple of weeks . . . i'll have to post a blog with photos of my awesome finds!

  10. i sent sydney's package out yesterday. i hope it brightens her day. i was in a rush to send it out yesterday. got to the post office 2 minutes before it closed. i really wanted to decorate the box, but ran out of time.

    i'll let you know when i get the package you sent. i'm excited!

  11. You found some amazing things!

  12. ooo look at all those lovely owls! I love owls! =)

  13. Love that clock and scored big time!

  14. Wow, love your finds! I've always wanted a cuckoo clock, you got some awesome deals! I love going to thrift stores!

  15. I love the cuckoo clock! :) I NEVER thrift lol I'm scared to start bc I won't stop - seriously!

    You asked how much Mickey should weight lol ok so once a man brought his two maltese puppies into my office (normal print company - you DON'T bring dogs in) and I was trying to be nice bc my boss was pissed the guy had dogs- so I ask how old they were bc they were so tiny - they were 5 and like 4lbs!! Mickey is 2 and he's 12lbs :) the man told me Maltese should be over 6lbs or they aren't show-dog material lololol I think I laugh out loud at the man! oh well so Mickey is alittle bigger than the average Maltese - more to LOVE!! Mickey is super solid lol I make an ughhhhh noice when I lift him! :) whatever he's so happy! Gizmo is a Maltese for sure!! I thought I emailed you back, but no it's just sitting in my drafts!! I'm sorry!! Maltese are the best!! ;)

  16. -wait - should NOT weigh more than 6lbs.