Thursday, August 26, 2010


Okay first of all my new camera does not like blogger or blogger does not like my camera. I tried and tried to upload my pics from my trip but blogger is posting them the wrong way. I thought I would take a break from it ( tried 3 days in a row last week). Super busy this week with school starting. My oldest started high school and my oldest son started 5th in a different school ( 5th and 6th are in a different building). My youngest will start tomorrow.

I have been thinking about how busy I have been since starting my job. I would like to have a swap. I try to make cards but of course I have not been up to it or extra time on my hands because believe you me I would be scrapping like a mad woman or learning to crochet ( thanks to Amber). Any who---I thought it would be cool to make christmas cards and exchange them. How does that sound? If you are interested let me know? lets try to to have 5 people and we make 25 of the same card. You would receive 25 cards but 5 different sets. let me know--:D

take care --now off to scream at my blogger or my camera xoxo gina

Saturday, August 14, 2010

coming soon!

ME!!!!!!! Sorry I have been missing but I promise you all I will be back Monday with some pictures of my trip. I have to work 7 days straight to finally get a day off--:( bummer but it was so worth it. I loved Chicago and I got to see one of my fave bloggers--Miss Courtney!!!

I also have a post in mind about jazzing up those fingers--:D I hope I did not take this from someone and think I thought of it on my own but one day it just hit me. I will be posting that on Tuesday but for now you willl have to wait until Monday for pics of my trip.

love and miss you all -----xoxo gina