Sunday, January 31, 2010

scrap happy and bowling

FOr the Pink Ninja's new prompt.
inspiration: personal motto----the grass is not always greener on the other side
technique: stamps---love, elsie stamps( traced around them because the pearl ex did not show up and the blue flowers on the bottom are stamps
pink twist: transperancies --the smurf overlay( well its not really a scrappy item but i used it and love it) Please go check out the PN and check out their new kit coming soon. I know you will not be disappointed they rock in every way. __________ :D

Just a layout I did today. I took the picture for Janel's peace pictures for her blog. I really loved this one but submitted a different picture. Here i used a lot of Love Elsie, peace sign paper, colorful paper from a friend over in England, dymo, bazzill just the edge( i cut the butterflies apart), Tattered angels glimmer mist( i must be feeling blue these days-:D ). check out Janel's blog for a cute ds cozy--I need to learn to knit or crochet!!!

I did this for Kat's challenge over at her blog. She gave us a picture to get inspiration from. This is what I took from it--:) I doodled as I love to do, made a felt flower, love rainbow paper had to use it( wonder why? hmmm) sun is a Quickutz die cut, dymo, fiskars scalloped edge punch and used glimmer mist. You should go to check out her blog and get inspired to scrap!!
Samuel was invited to go to his friends birthday party at the bowling alley Saturday. He had a super time bowling and spending time outside school with his friend Dylan. What did you guys do this weekend? I hope it was filled with family/friends time or creative happiness.

Need more inspiration to scrap check out Scrap Outside the Box our new challenge is up. If you need a little inspiration for a new look to your old stuff you should check out this cutie. She has inspired me to whip out some spray paint!!
well until later remember to smile ---xoxo------gina

Friday, January 29, 2010

lets get crafty and HAPPY MAIL!!

I bought this bag at the bus station a year ago ( in April). I want to get some ideas on replacing the straps. I love the bag with all the cute little animals and sugar skulls, people , famous buildings. I love different bags!!What would you use to replace the ugly straps?
This bandana was brand new and still in the plastic at the thrift ( bought it last weekend for .50 i forgot all about buying it) I did not think i would use it as is but I thought why not cut out the cute pandas and use them as pins or scrappy goodness. So lookie what I made. It is so cute --my dd tried to take it. I guess I do have 10 more to make she can at least have one, right?
Lookie lookie what I received today in my mail box. This happy mail is from my friend Jami. I met her three years ago on message board and we have been friends ever since. She lives in Indiana and I live in Ohio but we are great friends. We talk almost every day either text or yahoo. I went to her house last April (plan on going again this year). Thanks Jami for the package I love all the scrappy goodness and the cutest towels ever!!!
Look what I received from Vicky . We did a little swap of ATCs . We picked Valentines Day for the theme. I love these. Have you ever done a swap of atc? I have been into them for about 6 or 7 months.

I received my names for my Happy mail peeps. I can't wait to get started. I want to thank Jamie for having this wonderful blog for swaping out names for HAPPY MAIL. Jamie thank you so much!!!
Well tomorrow I need to get to the post office to send out my cards for Valentine card swap, Janel's scissor necklace, atcs, my happy mail bday cards and Jami's package of goodies. Man I feel like Santa!! Well until tomorrow have a great Friday evening and don't forget to smile---xoxo gina

this one goes out to my daughter

this cracks me up Syd sent me this one day. She loves the Beatles!

My dd will be losing her best friend Kaitlyn today. They met in 5th grade in Mrs. Smith's class. I feel bad for my Syd because I had been through it so many times. I moved so much I had been to 7 elementary schools and then finally in jr high and high school i went to the same. It was very hard on me to lose friends so I know how syd is feeling. She really did not want to go to school today but she went. She said her problem will still be there come Monday. I am proud of her that she had enough courage to push through. Sydney had bought matching Beatles tees for her and Kaitlyn so they are wearing them today. I love you Sydney ----love mom

until later remember to smile----------gina
sorry if i was a downer today -promise some layouts and some new crafty ideas later--:D

Thursday, January 28, 2010

day in review

As you can see I had a pretty busy morning with a baby ( London is 2 months old)( i snapped that pic of him as soon as his mom left) and Chloe is 3. I helped their parents out so they could do some errands. The baby was super easy. I just love the smell of newborns( I could smell their head all day). After they left I did some laundry( yuck) and dishes from breakfast and lunch. Made dinner quick and easy grilled cheese and soup. The boys had Karate tonight so it is a must to have a super easy dinner before they leave. They don't get back until 8:45. I went to target to do a little shopping. I bought a few things but not anything worth jumping up and down for. I did get some cute pencils for Sam and Wyatt's class ( i might have to take out the cute owl ones--heehee). Well I am so tired I think I am calling it a day. I recorded Celebrity Rehab so I wont miss it. ----:D my guilty pleasure for sure. I have many of them.

Until tomorrow remember to smile---------------gina

Quickutz layout

This is the layout I did last night for a challenge. The challenge is for a QK message board we had to do a layout of our goals for 2010. I used nothing but Stampin' Up paper, Bazzill and Quickutz. ---nothing fancy but it turned out fab i think. I wish I could show off my Valentines I have been making. Not one of them are the same--:D I also made some pretty cute ATCs --- I think I might have to remember to do those again for myself.

I will be posting about my day later this evening. Until then remember to smile---Gina
I am so happy its Thursday ----good tv night!!!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

another random pics post

we are heading to the bus stopsitting on the chase lounge drinking my coffee and watching the today show
Sydney grabbed the watermelon( bought these for some lucky Happy mail) pot holders off my desk and came in the living room like this.
watching the today show with the fab Sharon Osbourne---I love her hair and how she dresses!
Wyatt home from school.
Samuel home from school.
My desk --I have been super busy for the past week. the mess after making Valentines, bday cards, atcs and scrapbooking for challenges. I just had finished a layout for a challenge.

I played along again with Jamie with her random 5 pics. I have been super busy with swaps the house and the kids. I am about to sit down to watch tv and just relax. tomorrow i get to watch a 2 month old for a few hours. I get the joy of a newborn!! : D until later remember to smile-----xoxo gina

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

5 random pictures from the day

fruit i bought this morningSydney eating a banana after school today.
a picture syd drew on the chalkboard--her little nerd boy
dirty dishes from breakfast and lunch

clean laundry that needs to put away

When I am given a little challenge and it comes to photography i am up for it. I take pictures every day but taking every day photos I never really do that. Jamie thanks for the challenge. You guys should check out her blog .
She is very inspiring!! I love reading her posts and seeing all her creative ideas. Makes my head spin with all the creative juices ---:) makes me smile a mile!!!

please play along---take 5 random photos of your day and post them on your blog( let me know if you play along--link it back here)
until later remember to smile--------------------x0x0 gina

Monday, January 25, 2010

weekend pics and redo of my collections

the cake for their 60th!!
they still have it after all these years!!
My grandparents with their children and their spouses. My dad is on the right of my grandmother. ( he is not my birth father but I have been part of the family since I was two( i am now 38) they took me in when my mom and Steve married and never let me go when they divorced so he is my father because he loved me when my real father did not--sorry if this got any one down)
All of the Grandchildren and their spouses. that is me in the black dress and tights 3rd from the left. My dh behind me. my dd took this pic of us.--thanks syd!!
You have to take in mind these are young children and it took several times to get a great pic. LOL look at my grandpa--he is over it too.---:) We had a photographer during the party so i hope he got better pictures of the great grand kids.
I redid the shelf over my sofa in the living room. I took down the cameras from hanging on the pegs.
cameras on the other shelf in my living room. I have to thank to Janel for the idea. I have no mantel.
my owls--the two newest ones are the first two small ones ---i paid 1.00 for both!!

the shelf--i need some cute stuff to hang from the pegs--any ideas? I just have my polaroid wreath and my little project i did for Jamie and Janel's word project.

I would post more pics but I think this post is super long enough. My next post will let you know what movie we went to. well i hope you enjoyed my pics I know i had a great time with my family. thanks again to this cutie.

I also want to say sorry to Jami we had been talking on yahoo. I was trying to down load my pics when my computer shut off. I could not get back on --:( sorry chickie !! it was really nice talking to you and I miss those chats for sure. I can't wait to see what you did for the challenge.

well until later remember to smile---xoxoxox----gina


Its that time again SOTB challenge time. Here I used a toothpick that was in my hamburger from the Hard Rock. Run over to SOTB to check out the rest of the awesome DT's layouts with toothpicks. I know I love thinking outside the box and I love to be given a challenge. If you need a little push to scrap this is for you. I hope you give it a shot you might even win a prize! --good luck.

My weekend was a busy one for sure. Friday stayed home but saturday we went to our home town. I went with my mom and dd to thrifts only to have one of the fire alarms go off. We decided to head to another one. I ended up getting two owls for 1.00! Saturday evening we went out to eat and to the movies( for our 11th ann.). The movie was awesome!! I will tell more about it in my next post and share pics of my weekend. Sunday morning we almost hit a wild Turkey. Sunday we had a party for my grandparents 60th anniversary. We had a group photo taken. I have been wanting a picture like that forever.( not one person was missing from the photo). I think the last time we had one taken my cousin and his wife were not there. My cousin Sarah shared the news she was pregnant. Another great grandchild will be born in September. My grandparents were very happy with all their family and friends around them. I hope your weekend was filled with happiness also--until later remember to smile ---xoxo gina

Friday, January 22, 2010

bangs and an anniversary

As you can see I now am sporting BANGS. I have been really thinking about this. I looked at many blogs with girls that had cute bangs and many pics on flickr ---so I took the plunge. I even dyed my hair a darker red. Sunday is my grandparents 60th anniversary so I wanted to have a change( they are taking a family photo). I thought the bright red would be too much for the photo.

Today is my anniversary I have been married to Dave for 11 yrs( been together for 16 yrs). Tomorrow we will be heading out to see family and just the two of us will go out to eat. No where special this year but maybe later in the year.

I will be going to a few thrifts stores and antique mall with my mom and syd(dd).
Are any of you doing anything this weekend? until later remember to smile----gina

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

scrapbooking and a thrifty find

This layout is for the PINK NINJA'S challenge. If you need a little push in a scrappy layout then this inspiration blog is your ticket. They have an awesome design team and now they have kits they are selling. I dare you to check them out --:) For one of my resolutions I want to be more patient with this little guy. he gives me a little more trouble and i feel like i don't take it well. I need to know they are all three different and set in their ways. do any of you feel this way? i hope i am not the only one--:) Last week I went to the thrift and brought back this cutie. He is made out of coal. He still needs cleaned but this is the place he will be hanging after his little bath.

Well until tomorrow remember to smile. ----------------gina

Sunday, January 17, 2010

things i love

I want this photo for my living room.
My PINK Dymo!!
William Wegman ---Little Red Riding Hood--one of my favorite photographers cute cupcakes and ipod by Dolce

red and pink heart balloons credit for photo--walking behind1990's--flickr

pink and red Polaroid cameras
My red aluminum pitcher( my dad bought this for me at
DIY pink claw tub--LOVE to have this
I want this red phone ---My mom had one when I was 2 or 3. :( I actually remember it that is why I want one so badly even though I don't have land lines in my house.

I am thinking of Valentine's Day can you tell? until tomorrow remember to smile---gina