Monday, January 25, 2010

weekend pics and redo of my collections

the cake for their 60th!!
they still have it after all these years!!
My grandparents with their children and their spouses. My dad is on the right of my grandmother. ( he is not my birth father but I have been part of the family since I was two( i am now 38) they took me in when my mom and Steve married and never let me go when they divorced so he is my father because he loved me when my real father did not--sorry if this got any one down)
All of the Grandchildren and their spouses. that is me in the black dress and tights 3rd from the left. My dh behind me. my dd took this pic of us.--thanks syd!!
You have to take in mind these are young children and it took several times to get a great pic. LOL look at my grandpa--he is over it too.---:) We had a photographer during the party so i hope he got better pictures of the great grand kids.
I redid the shelf over my sofa in the living room. I took down the cameras from hanging on the pegs.
cameras on the other shelf in my living room. I have to thank to Janel for the idea. I have no mantel.
my owls--the two newest ones are the first two small ones ---i paid 1.00 for both!!

the shelf--i need some cute stuff to hang from the pegs--any ideas? I just have my polaroid wreath and my little project i did for Jamie and Janel's word project.

I would post more pics but I think this post is super long enough. My next post will let you know what movie we went to. well i hope you enjoyed my pics I know i had a great time with my family. thanks again to this cutie.

I also want to say sorry to Jami we had been talking on yahoo. I was trying to down load my pics when my computer shut off. I could not get back on --:( sorry chickie !! it was really nice talking to you and I miss those chats for sure. I can't wait to see what you did for the challenge.

well until later remember to smile---xoxoxox----gina


  1. They look soooo cute!!! I love your collection :)
    What a great party too.
    What a special time :)

  2. Loving those pics! No worries about today! We will chat again soon! I miss you! I like the cameras on top much better. Cute owls!

  3. Awww, those family pictures are great!!!!! Your grandparents are so cute! And you look pretty fab in your outfit! You'll have fun scrappin' those pics! And I'll have to keep an eye out for owls for ya!!!
    I can't believe you found one of those vanities! If it's not super expensive, you have to get it. xOxO

  4. I love the family pics!

    You have a great camera collection I am kinda jealous of the owls they are so cute!



  5. Aww!! I <3 them!! Can't belive you scored them for a dollar!! I'm sooo jealous! LOL

    Love the cameras too! Great post! :)

  6. 60 years! Wow! They are so cute!

    As for owls, they are def. my fave. Thats a beautiful collection. And the 2 new ones for $1.00! wow!

    so so cute!

    You should make some cute felt owls to hang from the pegs.

    <3 Bekah

  7. thanks Gina- well I have to pay someone to get decent photos as I am not great at photography!! (as if ya hadn't noticed!) Editing and photographing, my least favorite things to do! Valentine pics, that's been my tradition for the past 5 years- and as long as I can do it, I'll make them pose, even if it breaks me! And it just about did!