Tuesday, January 26, 2010

5 random pictures from the day

fruit i bought this morningSydney eating a banana after school today.
a picture syd drew on the chalkboard--her little nerd boy
dirty dishes from breakfast and lunch

clean laundry that needs to put away

When I am given a little challenge and it comes to photography i am up for it. I take pictures every day but taking every day photos I never really do that. Jamie thanks for the challenge. You guys should check out her blog .
She is very inspiring!! I love reading her posts and seeing all her creative ideas. Makes my head spin with all the creative juices ---:) makes me smile a mile!!!

please play along---take 5 random photos of your day and post them on your blog( let me know if you play along--link it back here)
until later remember to smile--------------------x0x0 gina


  1. Very cute pics!! I really need to start doing something like this...

    I am in LOVE with your chalkboard!! I have some 'vintage' coke pieces in my kitchen and that would be PERFECT in there!! Where did you get it???

    Awesome post! :)
    Also, when you are finished washing dishes and doing laundry, could you please come do mine?? lol

  2. love the pics and love jamie :D

  3. I did mine too!!! Here ya go!


  4. Yay!!! I love them! Too funny! One of mine from today (that I'll post later) is of bananas. Grayson was sooo excited to see that I brought some home. =) I looooved what you said... "I take pictures every day but taking every day photos I never really do that." Thanks for playing along! Love your pics! That nerd boy on the chalkboard is too cute!!!

  5. I totallly meant to do this today and forgot!!!
    love yours :)

  6. Haha! I am so crazy! Would've never thought it was a neclace holder! All I know was that it was a coatrack many years for Barbie! lol
    I thought it would be interesting to hand some kinda scrappin stuff or maybe some hair things on. :)
    ...I dont really wear neclaces, so I dont need it for that. :)

    Thanks for all your input! I appreciate all your ideas! :)

  7. Sydney is very cute! Can you come to my house and photograph stuff! lol