Monday, January 25, 2010


Its that time again SOTB challenge time. Here I used a toothpick that was in my hamburger from the Hard Rock. Run over to SOTB to check out the rest of the awesome DT's layouts with toothpicks. I know I love thinking outside the box and I love to be given a challenge. If you need a little push to scrap this is for you. I hope you give it a shot you might even win a prize! --good luck.

My weekend was a busy one for sure. Friday stayed home but saturday we went to our home town. I went with my mom and dd to thrifts only to have one of the fire alarms go off. We decided to head to another one. I ended up getting two owls for 1.00! Saturday evening we went out to eat and to the movies( for our 11th ann.). The movie was awesome!! I will tell more about it in my next post and share pics of my weekend. Sunday morning we almost hit a wild Turkey. Sunday we had a party for my grandparents 60th anniversary. We had a group photo taken. I have been wanting a picture like that forever.( not one person was missing from the photo). I think the last time we had one taken my cousin and his wife were not there. My cousin Sarah shared the news she was pregnant. Another great grandchild will be born in September. My grandparents were very happy with all their family and friends around them. I hope your weekend was filled with happiness also--until later remember to smile ---xoxo gina


  1. Great toothpick scrap! Good deal on the 2 owls, I bet they are cute! Congrats to your cousin, how sweet!!!! Sounds like an awesome weekend full of family and fun!


  2. Sounds like you had a great weekend. LUCKY! I pretty much laid around studying, watching reruns of CSI and feeling sorry for myself. Yeah pretty blah. :(
    But I did mangage to squeeze in some painting. I'm hoping to post my owl display later this week so you will have to check it out! Awesome find, btw! 2 owls for $1!! Awesome, awesome!
    It's probably a good thing that me and you doesn't go shopping together. We would probably have war over owls. LOL
    Have a great week!!


  3. oh! And I Love your layout! Really like how you used the Hard Rock toothpick! Very awesome! :)

  4. oh you really are making me want to scrap book :D

    I want to see the owls

    Have a great day!


    I think a lot of my emails go to spam on accident I hate yahoo 8(

  5. That is so awesome that you got the family photo! Totally priceless! Love your toothpick layout! Very cool with the John Lennon border. Glad you got to find some owls!!!!! xOxO

  6. well I guess I finally did a challenge, I have a toothpick on my project today!! so thanks Girlie! xOxO

  7. Nice work , who would think toothpicks could look so good :)

  8. oh wow. what a great weekend!

    Your layout is "rock"in'. te he. :)

    <3 B