Friday, January 22, 2010

bangs and an anniversary

As you can see I now am sporting BANGS. I have been really thinking about this. I looked at many blogs with girls that had cute bangs and many pics on flickr ---so I took the plunge. I even dyed my hair a darker red. Sunday is my grandparents 60th anniversary so I wanted to have a change( they are taking a family photo). I thought the bright red would be too much for the photo.

Today is my anniversary I have been married to Dave for 11 yrs( been together for 16 yrs). Tomorrow we will be heading out to see family and just the two of us will go out to eat. No where special this year but maybe later in the year.

I will be going to a few thrifts stores and antique mall with my mom and syd(dd).
Are any of you doing anything this weekend? until later remember to smile----gina


  1. oh your hair looks good I wish I could wear bangs but no they look awful on me but yours looks so good :D

  2. Your hair looks amazing! You totally rock it girl! I love the dark color too!

    Happy anniversary to you guys! That's a long time! Congrats!


  3. cute rock them well...and HAPPY ANNIVERSARY...16 years together and 11 years married is a wonderful accomplishment :-)

  4. you look cute with bangs :) Happy Anniversary

  5. I love the bangs!!! And the color! Looks great!
    Happy 11th Anniversary!!! And how precious your grandparents have been together 60 years! wow! have a fun time shoppin'!!! xOxO

  6. Happy Anniversary!! Congratulations on 11 yrs!

    I hope you find some awesome deals while 'thrifting'
    I will be doing school work this weekend. Lots and lots of schoolwork. :(
    Hopefully, I will have some time to do some spray painting! :)


  7. omg. I love the bangs!!!

    Happy Anniversary!!!

    <3 B

  8. wow your hair looks awesome!!!! I found your blog through a friends blog, love it!!