Friday, January 29, 2010

lets get crafty and HAPPY MAIL!!

I bought this bag at the bus station a year ago ( in April). I want to get some ideas on replacing the straps. I love the bag with all the cute little animals and sugar skulls, people , famous buildings. I love different bags!!What would you use to replace the ugly straps?
This bandana was brand new and still in the plastic at the thrift ( bought it last weekend for .50 i forgot all about buying it) I did not think i would use it as is but I thought why not cut out the cute pandas and use them as pins or scrappy goodness. So lookie what I made. It is so cute --my dd tried to take it. I guess I do have 10 more to make she can at least have one, right?
Lookie lookie what I received today in my mail box. This happy mail is from my friend Jami. I met her three years ago on message board and we have been friends ever since. She lives in Indiana and I live in Ohio but we are great friends. We talk almost every day either text or yahoo. I went to her house last April (plan on going again this year). Thanks Jami for the package I love all the scrappy goodness and the cutest towels ever!!!
Look what I received from Vicky . We did a little swap of ATCs . We picked Valentines Day for the theme. I love these. Have you ever done a swap of atc? I have been into them for about 6 or 7 months.

I received my names for my Happy mail peeps. I can't wait to get started. I want to thank Jamie for having this wonderful blog for swaping out names for HAPPY MAIL. Jamie thank you so much!!!
Well tomorrow I need to get to the post office to send out my cards for Valentine card swap, Janel's scissor necklace, atcs, my happy mail bday cards and Jami's package of goodies. Man I feel like Santa!! Well until tomorrow have a great Friday evening and don't forget to smile---xoxo gina


  1. yay I love Happy Mail!! Your panda is amazingly cute!! I am compltely obsessed with pandas!!! Your card is in the mail :)

  2. awww so cute! I love that you reused your bandanna! You surely have been busy with swaps and happy mail and goodies galore! Excited to get your card! :) I have no idea what to tell you about the ugly straps, maybe some sort of ribbon?

  3. Well first of all, I LOVE your panda!! That is just too cute! I sooo would of walked right by that. lol I love how reading blogs inspire you to give everything a second glance. :)

    For some help with the purse, I definitely would do something with a little more color. It's such a rad purse and those straps just aren't making it. You know?
    So I went looking for some inspiration for you. You might like some of these ideas...

    On this page, look at the Bobble Ball purse. Don't know about the whole purse, but I do like the strap. And its colorful! :)

    Maybe you could do it with ribbon?? And make a bow or something with it....

    And here are some more interesting DIY projects:

    Well... I hope that helped. (?)
    I tend to go a little overboard when I have to look for ideas on things. lol You should see the emails I send to my sister and friend. :D

    Congrats on your happy mail! (I soo love that owl towel! Where in the world did she find it!)

    Have a great weekend!


  4. Ok I love that bag and I am so not a bag lady. ROFL I agree about the straps, they gotta go. Do you hate the color though or the straps too? What about paint or covering with fabric? Not sure how but just ideas to throw around.

    Hollie~ I got the towels at target. It was the first thing I saw when I walked in the door & KNEW Gina must have them!

  5. WoW, first I can't believe you found that purse at a bus station! It's sooo cute! I would have no clue what to do with the straps, but looking at what you make, I'm sure you will come up with something fabulous! Your happy mail rocks, that skull paper- LOVE it! Enjoy your goodies!!! xOxO

  6. that bag is soooo cute and I am sure that whatever you do, you will make it even cuter!!
    love you

  7. Hi Gina the panda is sooo cute . I love that you recycle :) you're very creative.what about some colorful macrame type straps for the bag.I am glad that you liked the atc's and that the charm seemed to not destroy the card.Your happy mail looks like they picked the perfect goodies for your personality :)

  8. cute cute LOs! Thanks for commenting and following my blog! I can't wait to participate in more SOTB challenges!