Friday, January 29, 2010

this one goes out to my daughter

this cracks me up Syd sent me this one day. She loves the Beatles!

My dd will be losing her best friend Kaitlyn today. They met in 5th grade in Mrs. Smith's class. I feel bad for my Syd because I had been through it so many times. I moved so much I had been to 7 elementary schools and then finally in jr high and high school i went to the same. It was very hard on me to lose friends so I know how syd is feeling. She really did not want to go to school today but she went. She said her problem will still be there come Monday. I am proud of her that she had enough courage to push through. Sydney had bought matching Beatles tees for her and Kaitlyn so they are wearing them today. I love you Sydney ----love mom

until later remember to smile----------gina
sorry if i was a downer today -promise some layouts and some new crafty ideas later--:D


  1. aww, you are such a sweet mom- That's tough for Syd, but their friendship will always be there, even miles away..........xOxO

  2. Poor Syd! We know what that is like around here. I love these pics. She is such an old soul. Hope she has a good week-end!!!

  3. awww I hope she has an awesome weekend and you too!!