Monday, April 26, 2010

my weekend

Went to the Mansfield reformatory to see if we could get a tour but tours don't start until May.
The reformatory is famous for being in Shawshank Redemption, Air Force one, Tango and cash, Harry & Walter go to New York. Many tv shows for ghosts and mtv shot a few videos here.

it was built in 1886 but was not opened for the young offenders until 1896. The doors closed in 1990 --I remember when this happend and the new one was built behind the old building. Soon the reformatory was going to be torn down but people stepped in to save it. Now they hold weddings, reunions, tours, sleep overs( for those into ghost hunting) and lets not forget the haunted prison experience( halloween). The reformatory is the largest castle like structure in ohio. I can not wait to go back in May to take the tour.

I also remember one of the guys I went to school with was an extra in the movie Shawshank Redemption.

found my dream house. Only if the porch wrapped around I think it would have been perfect.
My thrift find of the weekend!! I have been searching for one and now I am a proud owner. a couple instax of the weekend. my dd in really thick nerd glasses. I should have gotten them. My cute black and white polka dotted shoes with a cute bow. I love love them!!

I hope you guys had a great weekend. Besides the rain mine was perfect!!

xoxo gina


  1. Awesome pics! That reformatory is amazing! Not sure I'd want my wedding there though. LOL That house is beautiful!!!


    ps I used the sunflower pp today!

  2. i love the instant pictures!


  3. wow that place is amazing! Love the pictures so cute sounds like you had a great weekend!


  4. Carrie took the words right out of my mouth! That place looks amazing!!! That would be so cool to tour!!!
    Yay for great weekends!!!!
    xoxo -j

  5. Yay a fellow Midwesterner (Im from Indiana). I never new that reformatory was there and now I want to look it up for our next long trip home. Also I am so glad I am not the only one who takes picturs of strangers houses when I like them. We like to pick the pieces of the house we like and put them together for when we build our house. Cant wait to hear about your tour when you get to take it.

  6. looks like a fun trip...although, i think it's a little strange that people get married there...a haunted sleepover would be fun, though! :)

  7. SCORE! What a find!!!

    I agree! It needs a wrap around porch and then it would be perfect!

  8. A tour of that place would be right up my alley. I love doing stuff like that. Shawshank is one of my all time favorite movies, too. XO

  9. wow what a fun weekend! you took beautiful pics and I love your new camera!!! cute cute!! I want an instax so bad... im hoping to talk the hubby into buying me one for my bday! sent you the link the organizer :)
    Finished my pages form yesterday... now to do todays!

  10. Sounds like an awesome weekend, great photos!

  11. lololol I love that they have weddings at the reformatory!!! Just what I've always dreamed of ;)

    Take a picture of the claw feet table :) I'd love to see it!

  12. A tour would be interesting. cute shoes and fun camera. I guess it works:) I'd love that house even without a porch...

  13. check out that polaroid cool cam. doesnt really get any better than that!

  14. That's my hometown! It's neat to see someone in the bloggerverse think it's as cool as we do!!