Thursday, April 29, 2010

organization inspiration from Elaine

Elaine inspired me to put all my little things that I hoard ( yes hoard) into a 3 ring binder and here I am passing it to you. This is what I am using for my art journal instead of digging through plastic drawers and bins. I even color coded them like she did. I love this idea and it is much easier to find my goodies. the sleeves are baseball card sleeves I took over from my dh--hee hee and put some of my MM cards in but you can see they are no longer in them. thank you Elaine for posting this awesome idea on your blog awhile back.

samples of my collection of goodies. Yes, I took my dd hair bow she was going to throw out. You never know when you might new a plastic bow. I save everything from tags to candy wrappers. Do you save or hoard things like I do? Are you inspired to organize them in a 3 ring binder? If you have any other cool ideas for organization in the scrappy or crafty department let me see.

thanks to all that gave me love on my art journaling I am still new at it and nervous to show them off. Ihave been so inspired by many of you that are taking the class and many of you that just art journal for yourself. I thank you again for that!!

xoxo gina


  1. Gina,
    Thanks for sharing this idea! I love it. I have way too many little things lying around that need a place. Also, I love your art journal pages. Keep 'em coming!

  2. I love it! That's so great to be able to see everything! I always have little things and then end up losing them and forgetting about them! This is so great!!!

  3. wow this is a great idea!! I love it!! I tend to hoard craft stuff too! I bet it would give a lot of inspiration too! <333
    Your journal pages are awesome, dont be shy!!! I love seeing them!

  4. AWESOME! So glad you used the idea! Isn't is SO much easier? I find it inspiring to just look through all the little things I keep too.

    love it love it love it!
    you go girl!

  5. Your notebooks look great! How do you know what's in each notebook or in each notebook section? Are things in some sort of order? That's a great idea! Better than a big box of stuff to constantly dig through. You can just flip your book and find what you need!


  6. I love it thats so funny because I was going to ask you how you stored all your stuff this is a great idea!

  7. That is such a good idea. I totally love the Paul Frank tag. Im obsessed with all things Julius.

  8. This is great! And I'm guilty of saving my dd's hairbows too, lol! Hey- they make great embellies! And they're already paid for, right! xoxo