Tuesday, December 15, 2009

PN prompt--and a green crafty idea

We all love Elsie. When I read the new prompt over at Pink Ninjas I knew I had to do the prompt. I have been collecting cameras since 94 and I knew Elsie also loves cameras/polaroids as much as i do. So here is my take on Elsie and her creative lovelieness( is that a word?) well i just made it one--:) I love her style I love what she creates, I love her cuteness,love her PINK hair, I love her blog--ok you get the point. Check out the Pink ninjas and check out Elsie( if you do check her blog out you will find why I made that heart) if you have never been. They will both get your creative mojo flowing with creative juices----and remember to smile ---until tomorrow here is something i think might get you thinking a little outside the box and your going green--------------------gina Have you ever taken those coaster sitting on the table at a TGIF? or your favorite place to eat? Not sure what to do with them? WHy not make a little book. Here is my book I made with left over wallets that were sitting in a pile unused and unloved. I also used some of my favorite pictures of my kids inside the book. I covered the coasters with paper embellies are Quickutz and dies from swaps or my own. I also used those cute little Making memories letters ontop of each photo of their names.

all three of them cut out of pics to sit above and below the rainbow
Samuel___ :)


  1. Love the Elsie layout! thanks for playing along with us ninjas =)
    P.s cute mini book!!

  2. Love the mini book. You are so crafty! I love love love your Elsie lo(but was there ever any doubt I would? lol). Your pics down the side of your blog are great. Your house is starting to look like ours with all your animals. lol

  3. whoa ~ dang ~ i mean,,, man,,, amazing job here missy!! love the paloriod and the rainbow buttons,,, love the paper too!!!
    alright, gina, dont be sad,,, well be back before you know it!!! promise. with the holidays,, you wont even notice!!! ;-) thanks for being so loyal!!! well be back the first of january!!!