Tuesday, December 29, 2009

All about the HAIR!!!!

Here is the color and my kit I bought today. well just the kit.
Tomorrow I will be bleaching my hair to add a couple streaks of purple/lilac. I did over the summer and then dyed the streaks red but I want the purple back. I might be a little old for the color but it makes me feel good and at this moment I need it. I will post pics of what my hair looks like later in the evening on Wednesday. I will be scrapping with my online scrappy buddy and text buddy ---she lives too far away to really scrap in real life--:( after that i will bleach and dye!!! happy happy happy----doing the dance.
I just took pics of my hair ---I was having one of those good hair days--ok awesome hair days. :)
I told you it was all about the hair. x0xo---- well until tomorrow remember to smile---------gina


  1. oh where did you find that kit I want to do pink so bad but did not know where to find it! I can't wait to see how it turns out

  2. we have one about thirty minutes away planning to go this weekend! Thanks do you have twitter or