Thursday, June 24, 2010


I love the etch-a-sketch and I love all my followers---found at rockriverstees
Hell yes!!! Gotta love these---found at imagejunkie
this is so different and I love it---found at Janedeaux
recycling could not get any cooler---o0ocuppycakeo0o
look at this little guy made by the super cute Lindsay in her new shop ---Pixiesandbears

found at keepcalmshop--you did not think I would not have a camera related product in my post, did you?

I wanted to post things found around my house but my camera batteries died. LOL and then my computer started up yet again--:( damn thing!! So, I decided to do a post of goodies off of good old Etsy. I will be ready for tomorrows post of things found around my house and maybe you would like to play a long? It will be fun! I also need to post my journal pages from Janel's challenge but that will be in a different post this weekend.

do you drool over any items on etsy or any other online store? I would love to see!
take care and remember to smile xoxo gina


  1. Holy Crap. I NEED that spince Cameo. It pretty much epitmozes me. Where did you find it/Who is the seller?

  2. love your etsy finds and thanks for the shout out sweetie!!! I heart you!! and I miss your posts, so keep posting!!!

  3. Oh wow I love everything! Can't wait to see your journal pages I am so behind :(


  4. Thank you for your etsy finds! I love that website! Can't wait to see your journal entries!

  5. Oh duh. I see the link bad I would have to totally whore myself out to make enought money to justify spending $125.00 on a ring. That sucks.

  6. Hey Gina!
    All so cute, but you know I want that hello kitty necklace! Damn!!!!!!!!! How's that 3rd shift going??
    lol @ courtney's comment, ain't that the truth! ha! xOxO

  7. wow, those are all so cute! I love the etch-a-sketch shirt. and of course all of Lindsay's things are adorable! :)

  8. OH, i love that skeleton cameo ring! and that hello kitty recycled pendant!? SWOON! great finds, thanks for sharing!!

  9. LOVE that ring with the skeleton! so pretty!