Thursday, June 17, 2010

perfect day off

we sat in the wine dining room. Can you tell why it was called that? These bottles were above our heads.

Yesterday my in laws came down and we went to one of my fave places to eat. Buca di Beppo is an Italian restaurant. I love all the pictures on the walls and the amazing food. My fave is the chicken breasts with lemon butter and capers. The place serves everything in family style.
2nd day prompt please excuse the mess of what is a blanket on the bed. I need to go back with a thicker marker to color it in.
4th day prompt I skipped over the 3rd day to try to practice doodling a person. I am terrible at it but I want to do the prompt. I want to break out of my egg shell. all these journal pages are from Janel's 30 day art journal challenge. I am loving just using ink and paper. thanks again Janel for having these challenges.

I did these three layouts using the amazing kits from the Pink Ninjas. I still need to add some journaling and add the word in with my dymo on the last one.

Did you do anything this week that was nice for a change? It was nice to get out of the house besides just going to work. My plans for the for Friday and Saturday go to target and post office ( and work of course ). I want a Starbucks so damn bad!!
have a super Thursday and remember to smile x0x0 gina


  1. Looks like a fun restaurant! Glad you had some time off to chill. Love you!

  2. I went to the zoo!!! It was so much fun!! I absolutely love your layout pages!! They are so pretty!!!! Love you!

  3. There's me!!!! hehehe Love that you added graph paper to it!!! ;) That makes me so happy to see! Glad you had some time to enjoy yourself and your family!!!! xoxo

  4. Love your pages I worked on mine tonight! I am so glad you had a nice day off



  5. Oh yay! I LOVE seeing your pages! It always makes me want to work on mine!

  6. Wonderful pages...I have 2 more I need to post about. A fun project for sure.

    And yum Italian food. :-)

  7. wow! great pages ...that resteraunt looks so cool...and the food sounds yummy :)

  8. It does look like a perfect day off! I am LOVING those pages! I hope you had an amazing weekend!


  9. I have never tried to Pink Ninja Kits but they look like they rock!

  10. Love your pages girl!! Thanks for sharing! and love your pics! -Katie