Wednesday, June 30, 2010

found around my house

elsie print, cards, vintage cameras and owl little pet shopPolaroids
our new sofa. we bought a love seat and chair that go with this too.
some of my childhood goodies and other cool goodies.
This strawberry use to be my great grandmothers. It now sits inside my cabinet that my dad bought me. a bath and body works. I ended up buying three of the sprays to get two free--:)

My dad bought me this a year ago ( I have not yet to use it because I am nervous it will peel like the cups did)
some of my mini coke bottles and a&w mug from a drive in at my home town
this was taken saturday. Is this beautiful?
a huge strawberry yummy!

I feel like a bad bad blogger! I keep thinking of all these posts I can make but I never get the time. I am going to make myself follow the list starting tomorrow!! I promise you!

I thought it would be cool to show some goodies from around my house. Now its your turn. If you would like to play please post a link.

I have to work tonight ( on my night off) but I do have tomorrow off--:D i am so happy to have tomorrow off instead of tonight. well I am off to get ready.

tomorrow post will be for sure art journal and happy mail!! YAY for happy mail!!!

remember to smile--xoxo gina


  1. That strawberry is really awesome and I love that it was your great grandmothers! I love your wall color, very pretty! Can't wait to see your next post! Hope you are having a great night! : )

  2. I used to have those dolls with the colourful hair when I was really young. I totally forgot about them until I watched Toy Story 3. I wish I still have them now!

  3. ooh, that sunset is beautiful! :) lots of neat stuff in your house, lol!

  4. ohhh I love your camera collection!!!! fun fun post!! That strawberry looks so good they dont look to good in our stores here. Maybe I should just come visit you so I can have some of your strawberries, and we can craft!