Friday, December 31, 2010

Dear bloggers

When I am down and feeling a little blah I DYE my hair. BLUE !!!!!

Rest in peace Margret we love you!!! (Dave's grandmother passed last week.)

I really feel like I live under a rock with my blog world of friends. Man, do I feel out of it and I am so sad to see how most of you can keep up with blogging while i am in this rut of non blogging. I remember there was a time where I would text Lindsay almost every day. My dear panda loving friend how I miss you. How about Carrie? We share the same love ---thrifts and Hello kitty! I miss you too. Miss my 80's loving and 80's blogging fool ( mean that in a loving way :) ) Kristie I miss you tons too. I miss reading Courtney's blog. How I could use a few make-up tips right about now. I miss reading Jamie's family fun( she has some pretty cool times with her family and I love that). Miss reading a lot of my scrapbooking blogs too. Okay, I miss scrapbooking :( makes me sad I do not get to scrap like i use to.

My blogging has slowed down since my job but I keep thinking I need to blog. The blogging makes feel good. Believe you me, my last post was so freeing. I felt so good knowing I could share and I thank everyone that sent me well wishes. THANK YOU!!!!! I was so nervous. Thank you for making feel 99% better. I will not be 110% until the day I get to put my arms around Hayley.

remember to smile gina


  1. Life throws stuff at us, but the great thing about blogging buddies - is that we are always here for each other no matter how much time elapses between posts!!! Be safe - be back next year!

  2. So sorry for your loss! Here's hoping that 2011 brings you much happiness my friend~ love you!!!! I'm always an email message away if you wanna chat.

  3. Miss you too, my friend!!! Life gets busy and we can only do so much! Take care of you and we're always here! :) Happy New Year!!!! I hope it brings you a load of happiness and great memories. xo

  4. So sorry for your condolences go out to you for Dave's grandma.
    I get the blogging thing- so don't fret! We all go through that! We're btwn houses still, moving into a new home the end of Feb.(thank God!) So my blogging is very limited too! You keep rocking that blue hair cuz ya KNOW I'm all for colored hair! I've got pink and blue extensions in mine now! Wishing you all the best in 2011! Happy New Year! xOxO

  5. I feel the exact same do some of these people blog on a daily basis when I find it so hard to come up with ideas that won't bore people to tears....I guess as we are kind of like a "blogging family", we don't have to have fabulous ideas everyday...just write what's in our hearts!
    Debbie :) xxoo

  6. dont worry lady,,i kinda fell off the blogging world for a bit too!! In this new year, I'm trying to get back!! don't worry, youll get your blogging mojo back!! Happy New Year!!!

  7. I am so sorry for your loss - it is just never easy. I agree my blogging has slowed way down since they have forbidden internet use at work I used to take my lunch break at my desk and blog! Boo=hoo! I had not heard the story that is awesome I just can't imagine after 23 years finding your daughter = WOW! Have a good one!