Monday, August 31, 2009

lo from scrapping with Jami

This lo is for the challenge that is up right now at the Pink Ninja's. __CONCERTS!!! I told you I saved everything from concerts---I guess its a good thing since no cameras were allowed in at that time. I am not sure if this lo is what i really wanted but I did want everything that I saved on it. For my stuff I do 8x8 so its hard to fit things like this.

This lo is for the blog challenge -----I found it through one of the Pink Ninja's. I wanted to scrap but had a hard time coming up with anything so I decided to try this challenge out. I got to say I love the challenge and love the lo. These are the shoes my dd and I found at Journey's for 19.99 for the high tops and 9.99 for the other pair. I am so jealous I would love me a pair of these killer shoes.

I did start another page but its not finished.
What have you been creating or thinking of ? Need a little push--check these challenges out or wait for wednesdasy when the pink ninja's will have another rad challenge up. Hey why not do both. --------------------gina--:)


  1. Lobe the cocert lo. It looks great without pics. I love the paint on the shoes lo. Love love the way you cute the rainbow out. Gonna have to do that.

  2. I love the layouts! Thanks so much for playing along with us! I esp love that you didn't use any pics... makes it even more of a challenge! Totally awesome!

    Ninja Em

  3. i remember not being able to bring cameras to concerts ~ i guess they finally realized they cant stop it!!! love this layout ~ its awesome!!! thanks for always playing along gina!!! lemme know if you dont want me sharing :-)

  4. Awesome pages!! I like your style!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog!