Thursday, August 20, 2009

more inspiration from blogs

This lo is inspired by Scrap outside the box. The challenge was to use a book page( notebook or reading book). I used a page out of a book my kids have out grown. It was in the donate pile I guess it will not be going back into the pile. Pictures of my littlest son.

This is a challenge I gave my friends using the words what the ---- in the title. This picture was taken at the Race for the cure ( 09). Yes, its a pink dog. Sorry the dog is not looking at the camera but I was in a race.

This lo is inspired by the oh so AWESOME blog The Pink Ninja's. They have done the chicks now this time around is DUDES!!! I am not totally 100% sure of my hand made letters in the title but they are growing me. My boys at the land of the giant corn.

Need a little push--get over to these blogs and get your creations on!!! Gina


  1. Love your use of camo and the green! I love the LO!! Thanks so much for playing along with us Gina!
    Ninja Adrienne

  2. suuuper cute layout for SOTB, that paper is perfect! thanks so much for playing along with us :]

  3. ohhhh gina ~ great layout going on here. i love the camo with the rad picture of your little dudes ~ and the scrap outside the box layout is rad. love that you used an actual page from a book from your own personal collection. cant wait to put the dudes layout on the ninja blog!!!!

  4. You rocked them. That damn dog still cracks me up. Cute book page for SOTB. Love the different letters.

  5. your page for Scrap Outside the Box is KILLER! What a cuuuuuute idea! I'd love to do a Where the Wild Things Are page except I couldn't BEAR to rip pages out!

    this is SOOOO cute!

  6. Gina, these are all really great los. Love them.

  7. Found you through Pink Ninjas...and saw that giant corn! Do you live in Columbus? :)If so, please tell me where to scrap/crop/ here and have no scrappy friends yet. lol