Sunday, August 23, 2009

Sunday, Sunday

we are going to Old Man's Cave today. I hope there's water at the falls this time. Two years ago when we went it was dry as a bone. I want the kids to have a good time and we share a family moment. I still have pics from the last trip to scrap but plan to take lots more. ( me never).

Sitting here drinking my coffee and watching Moving Up on tlc. I have to get the kids up and dressed.
I have done 7 los since Friday night. I will be posting some of them. One is for the old school challenge over at Pink Ninja's--go check it out. The girls over there did an awesome job. You never know you might be inspired.

Have a great Sunday!!!!

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  1. Hope you had fun with Dave & the kids. Can't wait to see your los. I wanted to do the Ninjas one but didn't make it. :(