Wednesday, August 26, 2009

hump day almost over

Today was my kids first day in school except for Samuel but he goes starting Friday.
Here are a couple pics of Wyatt's and Sydney's 1st day.

I can't believe how the days fly by and how fast my kids are growing up ( way too fast). I wish they still were little.

I wanted to post a few pics from the trip we made to Old Man's Cave on Sunday. We had a good trip but boy am I out of shape. We had to climb stairs to get back out and it felt like there were 2000 or more steps.

I still need to post my lo for the challenge on Pink Ninja's ---old school. SLACKER that I am. I never got on the computer until tonight so I am very very excited for the new challenge at the Pink Ninja's. If you have some concert tickets or pics you should check out there blog. Back in the day no camera were not allowed oh how i wish I could go back in time and have pics of the concerts I went to. see ya tomorrow when I post my los--------Gina ------:)


  1. Hi stranger!! I love your los. The kids look so cut going back to school. How was their first day? I have all my homeowrk done so I can scrap this week-end! Can you?