Monday, August 17, 2009

pics from the music

festival and car show. We went up north for a weekend for ourselves. Had a good time but boy was it a hot out. Long trip on the bike( motorcycle) too about 240 miles ---all i can say is my back end is still numb. :)

This car was one of my faves. The car looked yellow but one way it looked blue. FANCY!!!

Mike Lenz one man blues player. Loved his music and his facial expressions. A car i thought was right up Jami's alley its orange and a hot rod!!! Love it what about you?
This is a picture of the lead singer of High Energy---his bother (11) played drums the lead singer and guitar player is 13. I have to say they kicked butt!!! They really know how to rock and they will go far for sure. They played songs from AC/DC to Tom Petty



  1. OMG! That little boy is to cute! I love the car. Now if it were just a Ford. LOL

  2. I never really understood the Ford and Chevy thing. If its a cool then so be it.

  3. If ya don't get it I can't explain it. LOL