Sunday, August 9, 2009

back from my trip

just a lo I did. Pictures of Wyatt at the county fair two years ago.
just a lo I did with Wyatt and his little frog and yes he named him Mash Potatoes have no clue why. I think its pretty cute though.
this is for my challenge using glitter or sparkle somewhere on your lo. Picture of my little Wyatt at the skate park.
Jami's challenge using three ribbons and the color purple--Picture of Chloe a little girl I use to watch.

Patti's challenge from the sketch---I love this picture of my mom from 1981--love the shirt she is wearing and she looks so pretty.

Some of you know we went up home to see family. Wednesday we went to the drive in to see G Force and Harry Potter. I would recommend going to see Harry Potter. G force was cute but not a must see.

We did a lot of school shopping and we did an awesome job on sales and deals. Went to one of my fave store Gabe's. My dd bought two pair of Harajuku Lovers shoes from Journeys ---I have to say they were both on clearance snagged both pair for a 32.00 and some odd change. Now that is what I call an awesome deal. She gave me one of the boxes and the tissue paper because she knows I will use it and I really am jealous they did not have my size.

Before we left on Wednesday I was to add my latest lo but I did not have time. We did more challenges the night before I left. Jami's challenge was to use purple and three different pieces of ribbon. Patti's was a sketch from ---I can't think of the name of the blog. Mine was to use something sparkley or glitter on the page.

Yesterday I was on the Pink Ninja's blog and I can't wait to do their new challenge. I have some older pics of the boys with Star Wars toys and costumes. Only if I had a pic of my Star Trek Barbie and Ken. If you need a challenge and you are a fan of Star Wars or Star Trek check out the Pink Ninja's blog. I know I am itching to scrap tomorrow. Have a great night !! I am out to check my fave blogs and get some inspiration.


  1. Great los. I am rofl at the frog's name. I am gonna check out Pink Ninja's now.

  2. welcome back!!! fun layouts ~ thanks for sharing on your cute blog :-)