Monday, July 26, 2010

birthday drawing, Gizmo, recycled tees and nail polish!

My dd drew this for me and it was on the counter when I go home on Wednesday morning. I forgot to take a pic of it and post it on my birthday post.

On my birthday post I did not have any pictures of Gizmo and Becky noticed. Here you go Becky--:D I had fun taking cute picture of Gizzy.

My dd and I made two tee bags made from old tees she had. They turned out super cute and its a no sew project--:D You can not beat that!! What you will need is an old tee( maybe hit up the thrift ) shoe string, and scissors. Take the tee turn it in side out and tie the bottom shut with the shoe string. Turn it back right. cute the sleeves off and the neckline off. I used the band from the neck to tie around the straps to give it a little cuteness. Carrie had something like this on her blog so, i had to make one. she sewed the bottom of the tee. I will have to sew one when I have the time.

Back in 1997-98 I bought the P.M.S nail polish and I loved loved it. It is a mood nail polish but it is dried out. A while ago over at the Dainty Squid she talked about buying mood nail polish at Claires. With no luck I could not find any at the mall but a few days ago I went to the store next to where I work. Look what I found!! Yes, mood struck and I had to have it if even if it was 3.99. I am in love and I need more.
goes from a light green to dark.

I had my hair cut on Saturday. I promise I will post pics tomorrow.
Tonight I am off to enjoy my day off!! xoxo gina


  1. the bags turned out super cute! Love the nail polish :D


  2. Very cute tee idea. You and Carrie are both so talented!

  3. love the cute drawing! "You rock my socks" is way too adorable!:)

  4. awwwwww I love gizmo!!!!! Especially when he smiles ;) omg and when he cuddles his carebear! How cute is he!??

    :) Those tee shirt bags are very awesome!! And that nail polish! bahahaha and can just hold my fingers up and everyone will know to stay away!

  5. That little pup is adorable! Happy late birthday! :)