Tuesday, October 27, 2009

pink ninja's prompt---skin marks

Keeping up with my challenge to myself and with the prompt over at the PINK NINJA'S. I went for simple---and I likey!!! love the wings( QK) and the banner( QK) and lets not forget the polaroid--no its not real I faked it with another QK die----thanks to Jami she bought it for my bday!!!----:)

This tattoo is from this summer. I had the tattoo artist copy a design from my Ed Hardy tee tag. I have to say I am loving the old skool tats way more---I wouldn't mind even having a pin up one of these days---:) I am totally adicited to all the tattoo shows. Wish they would have kept tattoo highway on it was one of my faves---:( Do you have any tattoos or any skin marks( scars)? have a great night------gina


  1. SWEET ink! LOVE it!!

    love the wings on the LO too. thanks for always playing with the Ninjas- we {heart} it very much!

    -Ninja Jess

  2. that is a lovely tattoo !

    great layout design too ! thanks heaps for playing along with the Pink Ninjas !

    Ninja Pearl

  3. SOOO rad!! I LOVE old school tats! they are the best! and poloraid qk die?! sweet!!
    ninja Christina!

  4. Love the wings on here. I didn't even realize it was the qk. AWESOME!!

  5. Have I really missed out on so many posts? I love, love, love all of them. I've got to get things together so I'm not missing out on so much. I explained to you what is going on in my life right now though & I'm sure you can understand. I have to be there for my Friend. Love this though. You're the BEST!

  6. I just super love everything about this! the photo, placement, composition and title! just pure love! :)

    thanks for playing along!