Monday, October 26, 2009

childs art, pumpkins, a thrift find and my girl

Oh to be a kid again so I could just draw. My little Samuel drew this ---picture is of us. too bad his teacher put her smiley on the front ---bad bad teacher. My Wyatt goofing around with the guts...cuteness--:)
Samuel being totally silly with his pumpkin guts. I love this face!
My latest find at the thrift store---not sure I like the speckles on his eyes but I love the goldness and the shiny body he has. Pure 70's!!! cute cute cute---:)

My girl coming off the bus from her Washington D.C trip. We picked her up at her school Saturday night---I was so so happy to see her.

What went on in your weekend? Mine as you can see was filled with fall goodness and a little trip to the thrift store. I love being able to go there you never know what you might find. Went there to really find a suit for my dd. She wants to be Charlie Chaplin for Halloween. I found a pair of dress pants for .99 cents ( and they were marked 50% off that) score!!! and then her dress jacket was 1.99 !!! my aunt collects vintage hats so she is allowing us to borrow a derby hat and cane for the costume. I can't wait for her to be all dressed up. This will be my all time favorite costume for sure.

Friday my little brought home the cutest picture that he drew of us. I had to share---:) have an awesome bright filled day of autumn -----gina

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  1. Love those little owls so cute and a great find thank you for your lovely comment on my blog