Wednesday, September 9, 2009


It's my dh bday--yep his bday lands on this awesome date. I wont say how many years ago though. Our dd will be making him a cheese cake when she gets home from school.
Happy Birthday ---- :)

The Pink Ninja's have their new challenge up---bff! I know I want to start this one as soon as possible.

Yesterday we went to the thirft stores. I found a Gwen tee for .99 cents!!! I am so happy --i never even look at olive green shirts but for some reason I did--and there it was waiting on me!
I also bought a black shirt with a shiny purple barbie head on it for .99 cents. I almost picked up another Polaroid camera but its not the one I am looking for --now I kick myself for not buying it. My mom had one like it when I was younger but it was white. This one was gray--not so cute. My mom is giving me her 3d cameras --I can't wait. I wish I could find out where they still develope the film for those.

Well I am off to clean and the maybe sit down to create something. ----gina :)

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