Monday, September 7, 2009

hey out there

I finally get to post my los from the weekend. I worked on this at my lss ( which will be my last time there to scrap ---they are closing--sad sad times) I did finish this up at home added paint and the stars. this is for the challenge over at Pink ninja's---secrets. We all have them--don't we? Well some of my on line friends have no clue but I finally joined with my dh.
This is for my challenge---I had my dd draw some robots , splatter paint with glitter added in, tissue paper mat and the huge brads are metal. --what do you think?
here is a pic of my pizza box. I have so many los that are bulky to put in a book so this is what i came up with. I used tissue paper all over the box and then just added what embellies to make it look cute. I have another box but I have never finished it---lol

When we were heading up to our home town I thought of another secret lo--I can't wait to get started on it but its late. I have the boys to get in from outside and take showers.

You know how I am so addicited to these ATC's---( I mean really addicited). I have my halloween ones for Ally's swap almost done( I just hope there will be 12 in the swap). I showed them off at the lss ---I had nothing but love from them. I had a few people that never had heard of them---do they live under a rock? or am I just on the net too much?

Well until the next time----check out some great blogs and get some awesom inspiration.


  1. Love the splattered paint. Cute robots. Your secret one looks amazing. Loving those stars. Is the pizza box from Cord? That is a really great idea!

  2. nice pizza box!! that idea to store all of your stuff!!!...cute secrets layout!!!

  3. Oh great stuff lady! I like your secret! LOL :D I am pretty much a member in a biker club too, just by association tho! LMAO! :D

    Thanks for playing
    Ninja Adrienne

  4. dude i LOVE your LO! Actually scrap dat...i love ALL ur LOS! awesome!
    so sad ur lss is closing that SUCKS !!!:(
    thanks for always playing with us :)