Wednesday, September 30, 2009

atc's oh my

Here are my atc's for the Kawaii swap for this girl . I love Kawaii but I am not happy at all with what happened to these. I had bought some flair( buttons) off of ebay --over two weeks ago. I figured it would be enough time to add them to the atc's --but oh no the person decided to take her time to send them out. I still have not received them. any who--I made a back up plan and thank goodness i did or these bad boys would be really really late. I feel so bad. So these are what i came up with. The little Panda( quickutz) is sweet but had in mind. oh well---I am hoping Ally will have another swap that I can use my buttons on. I also made little mushrooms and flowers out of Shrinky dinks. I hope you guys will enjoy these as much as I did making them.
Here are the Halloween atc's that I made for this girl. I have to say I love anything that has to do with Halloween so this was an easy one for me. I used Stampin' Up paper, Quickutz to make the bats and moon, plastic bat ring, dymo, pen, paint and a little skelly cut from paper. I love these ---they turned out perfect.

to the girls that are in the swap I am sorry for being late but they are on their way to Cali. enjoy!! I have to say I have seen some of the atc's from the other girls and oh my I can't wait to get them in my little hands. I am drooling--:)
I am ready for more Atc's swaps. -----:)--------------------------------------gina


  1. Love your ATC's:) My kawaii ones came out ok, not exactly what I wanted. But fun non the less!!! I cant wait to do more as well. AND mine are late because I read wrong and thought they had to be out by the 30th. Bummer.

  2. Gina~Those are so awesome! I love them. I'm going to have to join in with you. I've been waiting & waiting to hear if you ever got the ATC from me or not???

  3. soooo excited to my kawaii atc's yeah!!! you rocked it!!